The Key To Success

The Key To Success   There is a key that could guarantee you success, that would take you to the fulfilment of your goals. There is a sure shot way to get to the place of achievement. That is the context of my message to you, today. So, this year, I have made the...

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Dreamers are Doers

Dreamers are Doers   My signature carries my professional titles, Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer. Yes, I am a professional dreamer, as I am a professional motivational speaker and author. Often people make goals, write down their aspirations, chart out...

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Watch Your Mouth

Watch Your Mouth   The results that you are getting in life are closely related to your own actions. While we can get on an endless argument on excuses and reasons how you have nothing to with the reality that forms your life, the truth is that in your action or...

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Traits of Highly Successful People

Traits of Highly Successful People   Do I have it in me to be successful? Am I really cut out to be an achiever? These doubts creep in as the distance between you and your goals begins to widen. How do you bring your confidence back when challenges and crisis...

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Couldn’t Do Vs. Didn’t Do

Couldn't Do Vs. Didn't Do   So, the year is coming to a fast end, with 60 days to go. For those of you who still remember the goals you made at the start of the year, either you are sitting at the seat of confidence or are at the edge of your chair with stress....

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The Price of Freedom & Freelancing

The Price of Freedom & Freelancing The amount of hate stories that go around the bosses, it’s a miracle that some are still alive. It is the naïve who feel that bosses, especially the demanding ones, are a hindrance in their careers and progress. And so ‘being...

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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome the fear of public speaking   Public speaking is a fear that can give a person sleepless nights if he has to go on stage and address people. Or worse, nightmares when he does sleep. I would say it is not so much a fear of public speaking that troubles...

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Instead Of Arriving On Time, Arrive Early

Instead Of Arriving On Time, Arrive Early     Doubtlessly, punctuality is one of the more important virtues to have in a professional's career. Just being at the right place at the right time has changed fortunes of people. You see, because punctual people never go...

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