Crazy Vs. Desperate

So, a new year has begun, holding the promise to deliver results in accordance to your actions. If you are one of those who has bought into the stories that the markets are at their lowest low and that the economy is sitting at pretty at the bottom, well, you have busted your chances on believing and therefore staying in sync with your targets.

Surprisingly the markets and economy impact your professional progress but are not the true determinants of your potential and your performance. The truth is there will always be odds and challenges. Today it’s the economy, tomorrow it will be a personal crisis, and day after it will be inter-departmental disputes. Something will always come up. Such is the nature of life. But if your confidence, commitment and willingness to hustle is an unchanging constant, you will move through the challenges with ease.

The problem is when the deadline comes close at the end of the week, at the end of the month, the heat builds up, calling for desperate measures. Many people will get down on their knees, and beg for business. Many will discount their services and hit the numbers in one area to meet the numbers in another. Some others will take the ‘crook’ route because there is no time for the ‘hook’ work anymore (from the phrase, by hook or crook). Here is the problem with these desperate measures – you lose your positioning and your power.

Here is my take, a different viewpoint for you to consider if it can work for you. Don’t be desperate, be crazy.

–      Do what you have never done before.

–      Think out of the box.

–      Explore the unexplored.

–      Knock on doors you have never knocked before.

–      Change your pitch.

–      Change your approach.

–      Go target new people and new territories.

–      Work longer.

–      Work with new people.

–      Explore other platforms for expansion.

–      Tap other networks.

–      Take personal responsibility.

–       Take risks and full accountability of failure.

–      Rework your purpose, add some urgency.

 Look, your chances of failing in your desperation are equal to your chances of failing with your new and crazy ideas and strategies. But the difference it will make in your life is huge. Your desperate measures will work once. People will not entertain you again. And if you have bent over backwards to make the deal, you won’t walk away proud and confident. That phase of your professional dealing is not something you would be inspired to repeat.

 But, when you make some drastic changes in your way of thinking, strategies and actions, you switch on the ‘crazy’ mode. People see commitment in your ways, not desperation. They see risk taking and problem solving, not compromising. And whether you make it or not, you learn. Your methods may need sharpening but your confidence has not worn down, neither has your pride.

 For results to appear, it sometimes needs more than your intervention. Nature does not follow deadlines. It follows harmony, in consideration of all factors in its delivery. And so, the results of your actions may not be entirely in your control, but your ways to get there certainly are.

 There is always another week, another month to make up. Keep count. If you have a 10% lack this Q4 or Q1, make it up by 25% excess in the next one. Whether you win or lose, numbers will be assigned to the next round. Keep yourself accountable to deliver, with interest, should you fall short now. But, don’t even cut yourself short. Don’t lower your pride. Don’t compromise. Stand tall and proud. Keep your purpose strong. Don’t fall to your knees to beg. Leave that last position for prayer and gratitude.

 Remember, delivering the numbers this week, this month, quarter is not the end of the race. You need your pride, confidence and power in tact to deal with the next professional level that will begin at the start of the new challenge.

I’m here to help. My workshops are designed to take you to your goals with confidence, pride and a sense of super achievement. Should our purposes align, it would be my pleasure to be a part of your run for victory.

Priya Kumar

(you may reach me on pk@localhost)

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  1. Rajat- says:

    I am reading it Ma’am. Please post more blogs.

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Yes for sure 🙂

  2. Deep Freezer says:

    Yes, nice blog

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Thank you so much 😀

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