Traits of Highly Successful People

Do I have it in me to be successful? Am I really cut out to be an achiever? These doubts creep in as the distance between you and your goals begins to widen. How do you bring your confidence back when challenges and crisis come in your journey, stalling your way to success? Well, take the test of the traits that make for highly successful people and work your way out to better your score. While there are many qualities that go into the making of a successful person, here are some to begin with.

Rate yourself on the following traits on a scale from 0-10 and then work at increasing your score the coming few days. 

1.    Hustler: Pick any person you admire, they are all hustlers. There is no glory in being served on a silver platter without any contribution to have earned the results. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and to do whatever needs to be done, to get the results you are aiming for. If one way does not work, find another. If that doesn’t work, move on to find another. Knock every door, until you are let in to find your next step.

2.    Communication: If you are lagging behind then there is surely missing data. There is something you don’t know, there is something you have not yet told. Find out what is missing, ask for help, let your status be known. If you won’t tell, they won’t know you need help. Ask. Find out. Speak up. You will be jolted for answers at the end of the year, speak up now and fix your mess.

3.    Relationships: It’s people who take people forward. No one makes it alone. By that virtue, there is someone who can help you get where you are headed. Sieve through your colleagues and friends and acquaintances. You definitely know someone who knows someone who can help you. Reach out to people. Relationships are there for service. As you have helped others, allow them to help you. Do you have enough goodwill to reach out them?

4.    Risk Taking: You have to place all your cards on the table. Put all your bets on the line. Its show time! Yes, there is a possibility you will lose, but find avenues of possibility where you can win. And when you do, go all out. If the goal means that much to you, be willing to lose but not without a fight. When you raise the stakes, your instincts and your sense of responsibility will sky rocket. Those are the stories that have inspired you. Write one such for yourself.

5.    Constant Improvement: Do not end the day without making a note for yourself on areas you need to improve. This tally of loopholes should not be a weekly but a daily regime. You don’t have the luxury of weeks any more. You barely have a few days left. Do not repeat tomorrow as you have lived and worked today. You need to get better as we speak. Do everything in your ability to squeeze in time for improvement. Trust me, your time is your choice.

Look, you have it in you to make it to your dreams. People who do not have the ability to get there also do not have the vision to see the destination. If you have seen it, you can achieve it. Many a great people have stated this fact often and enough. Believe it is true.

Now go rate yourself on the above points and bring the score up to 10 and then start over with 10 as your new 0. The tougher you become, the faster you will get on your journey.

It’s a life of possibilities. You are a potential of limitless possibilities – go live it to the highest place you have imagined for yourself, and then, beyond.

Until then, I am rooting for your success,

Priya Kumar

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