Keynote Speaker

So, you have an Annual Celebration Event, an Internal Strategy and Goal-Setting Meet or a Prestigious Dealers/Partners Conference and are in search of a World Class Speaker to WOW your people in less than 90 minutes? Then, your Search for EXCELLENCE ends here.

One of the superstars of the professional speaking industry, Priya Kumar has been THE MOST IDEAL CHOICE FOR A KEYNOTE SESSION called upon by the biggest brands across industries to take their intervention to Greater Unforgettable Heights! Priya’s keynote POWER TALKS and EXPERIENTIAL SESSIONS are in complete alignment to your conference agenda, guaranteeing desired results and leaving behind an impact that will stay with the audience long after your conference is over! Without the traditional powerpoint slide shows, Priya GUARANTEES to move your audience to take charge of their roles and act through her powerful experiential learning tools. Sensibly blended with your meet’s agenda, Priya’s POWER TALKS accompanied with carefully injected humor and real-time anecdotes leave behind lasting memories of the conference long after it is over as they also ensure BENCHMARK RESULTS to follow!

Priya Kumar continues to be a celebrated name in the speaking industry because – she’s FUN. She is as REAL as real can get. She’s the BEST in the industry. And more than anything, she brings you THE RESULTS!

Personal Breakthrough Workshops

Before we can do the things necessary to reach our goals, we must push through procrastination, apathy, fear and doubt.” The Personal Breakthrough is Priya’s flagship module. Fear is not just an emotion; it is a destructive force that prevents people from achieving their goals and dreams. Fear is the barrier, which stands in the way of success, growth, possibilities and achievement. Where there is fear there is also self-doubt, lack of confidence and mediocre performance. The Personal Breakthrough session with Priya Kumar breaks through this thick wall of self-doubt and inhibitions. By participating in the breakthrough activities one is able to confront their fears and move out of their comfort zones. Combining Four of the Most Powerful Experiential Activities – the Fire Walk, the Rod Bending, the Board Break and the Glass Walk, Priya Kumar through her Personal Breakthrough Session Enables the participants to challenge the impossible.

Breaking the monotony of One-Sided talks and Power Point Presentations, Priya Kumar’s high on Energy, Engaging and Impactful Sessions have always spelled Dramatic and Tangible results for organizations enabling their people to reach the Pinnacle of Success! With her Fun Based Experiential Learning Sessions, Priya guarantees to move your audience to take charge go beyond their limitations and deliver.

Keeping in mind the diversity in working styles, cultures and expectations, Priya personally designs and customizes every session and every module in alignment to your group size, profile of the participants, agenda of the meet, and the expected desired outcomes, thus, providing you with a power-packed, experiential session.

Fire walk

Imagine walking on a twelve feet long bed of hot burning coals and fire, barefoot? Imagine reaching the other end, unharmed?



Without any formal training in Martial Arts, the participants learn how to break Karate wooden boards with their hands.



Imagine you were asked to bend an iron-steel re-bar, a 10mm construction rod, with your neck? What would that do for you, if you could?



Participants will tread barefoot on shattered glass. They enter the situation with reservations and leave feeling completely joyous!

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Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker with 27 years of Corporate Training Experience. 

She has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched the lives of over 3 million people through her workshops and books.

Priya has written 15 inspirational books which have won 44 International Book Awards making her the FIRST Indian Author to have done so. Her books have been translated into 11 foreign and regional languages with #1 bestseller status in all countries of release.

Priya was awarded the Times of India, Speaking Tree, Good Karma Award, as India’s BEST Inspirational Author. The French Media described her as the Paulo Coelho from India.

Priya is India’s first certified Fire walk Instructor and has conducted over 2000 fire walks across the globe.

With over 700 published columns for national and international publications, Priya’s work has been extensively featured by the media in India and abroad and she has been invited as a celebrity guest on several business, entertainment and reality shows.

Known as The Biography Specialist, Priya has penned the biographies of leading industrialists and legendary businessmen like O.P. Munjal and has now written the official biography of Pullela Gopichand, the Chief National Coach for the Indian Badminton team.

Turned Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Priya has made her Bollywood debut with “I Will Go With You” as her debut web series “The Final Call”, which is streaming on ZEE5.

Priya is also a professional painter, specializing in oils and acrylics. To add to her kitty of hobbies and interests, Priya is also an astrologer and tarot card expert. She is a natural stand-up comedian, who is yet to take her talent up professionally.

An ace academician, Priya was always a top ranker as a student. She did her graduation in Arts. She also holds diplomas in Finance, Marketing & Sales, German and French. She quit mid-way on her Masters in Psychology. Apart from academics Priya has done over 200 courses ranging from calligraphy, to stock trading, to china painting, to several courses on leadership, management, sales, storytelling, and so many more.

As an entrepreneur Priya is the founder and CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems, Books That Inspire (a niche publishing house), Fire Light Films ( a niche production house for short films and documentaries).


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