“Will” against “Won’t”

Yesterday, I was washing my face in the basin and there was this annoying housefly buzzing around. I am normally tolerant of ‘annoyance’ but this housefly was aiming for my face. I decided to tell my house maid later to get rid of it (which she understands as kill it). I got dressed and came to the bathroom and saw a black spot on the wet floor. It was the same housefly. I bent down surprised how it had been suicidal enough to land up on the wet floor. I don’t know how it did it, but it was stuck on the wet floor wings down and waving its legs in the air frantically trying to lift its wings off. I had wanted to get rid of the housefly, and here it was on the floor near dead, my job half done.

But…… I could not turn away. I could not turn away from a life form, that was near dead, struggling to live. I could not turn away from the tiny life of a housefly with a big will to survive. I could not turn away knowing that I was the only help that it had, to live. So here is what I did – I put the tube of my face-wash next to its legs, so it got a grip. The fly climbed onto the tube. Then I left the tube by the side of the basin so it could dry off and fly away, or buzz around my face annoyingly in the evening.

I could not shake off this incident the whole day. It was my “wont” against the housefly’s “will”. Life is like that…. no matter how much we think that the other person will get annoyed enough with us to get rid of us, in the end, its our own will to survive that shapes the final call.

My friend, now a successful businessman, had no money or industry support. He had “wont work” as advises from everyone he turned to. But his will was so strong, that today, ten years later he not only owns one of the biggest fashion brands in the country but also has in his list of supporters and colleagues, the same people who had attempted to get rid of him in his early days.

My lesson for the day came from the house fly. It’s will to live was stronger than my agenda for it to die. That is true for business, that is true in relationships, that is the truth you find everywhere you go. “Will” “Intention”, whatever you call it, is the primary reason for all that happens to you. If our daily intentions and willingness is aimed towards success and progress, the universe has no option but to comply.

Rooting for your success,
Priya Kumar
Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer

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