Dare to Win—Beat the Fear of Failure

Fear of failure ranks right next to the fear of death. In fact the fear of failure seeps so deep in the minds of people and infects their enthusiasm and self-belief so severely that they had rather kill their dreams in retreat than risk success by trying. If you don’t take massive action now, your fear of failure will soon become a reality.

Purpose and practice are the best antidotes for fear. When fear raises its sinister head and attempts to pull you back, listen to your purpose, keep your eyes on the goal. When the sprint runner is at the final race in the Olympics, he knows that there is no room for fear. When the time for performance is due, all you need is your purpose to guide you and not your fears to grind you. Don’t let your fears set you back by years for recovering from its impact sometimes takes away a lifetime. When the flag has been waved all you need to focus on is to run to the finish line.

If you are here, then you can win. Your presence at your job is evidence of your ability to succeed and deliver results. I don’t know anyone who hires people to fail. If you find yourself succumbing to fear of failure, hold on to the confidence of your seniors. They have more stakes in your victory than you. Borrow confidence if you must, but don’t bow to your fears.

When fear seeps into your heart, kill it with massive action. Don’t think. Act. I feel that people give their fears more time than they deserve. Contemplation causes fear to grow. The more time you give it, the stronger it becomes. When you feel low, make another client call, go out for another meeting, send out another email. For every signal of fear combat it with action.

When the fear grows stronger and the pressure mounts—work harder. Can you run 100 meters in 11 seconds? If the building you were standing under is about to fall and safety is 100 meters away, I can bet that chances are high that you would make it there in 11 seconds. Fear is a powerful emotion. It can be a high combustion fuel to rocket you faster to success. Pressure is a call for super human action. It is an invitation to join the league of extra ordinary men and women who have created history. Do you have it in you to deliver outstanding results? If you can harness fear to fuel your practice and passion, it will push you far beyond what you think is possible.

Dare to win don’t fear to lose. Failure will come even to those who don’t try. But success only comes to those who do.

Rooting for your success,
Priya Kumar
Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer

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  1. Madam, thank you for this edifying content. I really love your style… God bless you more and more. Have a good day 💖

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