Life Hacks during Challenging Times part 2

This is Priya Kumar. I’m a motivational speaker and author and I am at home in lock down. 

This is in continuation to my last blog Lockdown Life Hacks – Part 1 which discussed the points – 1) Facts vs Forwards 2) Discipline vs distraction. Here are the remaining points to keep in mind in this lockdown

3) Freedom after lockdown

Look this will end, this too shall pass. We have heard that nothing lasts forever but when the lockdown is lifted and then you go out into the world you will not be the same person again, I guarantee you that. You will either be better or you will either be worse with the way things are going, with the way the mindset of a lot of people are going. I can already see they are preparing for the worst of their future. At that time you cannot blame the government, you cannot blame the economy. If you have become a negative person and trust me no matter what you feel about the future, it is yours to own today. I would highly recommend that you study and upgrade your skills. I understand that you’re busy with housework and you’re busy with your work but make time now to study and to upgrade your skills. Because when you do move out like I said earlier, the job scenario would change. If you are not thinking forward, if you’re not thinking of upping your game, you won’t know if you will continue to have your job in the future. 

Be ready, not just to sustain your job but also to upgrade it and that my friend is in your hands today. Even schools and universities have gone online. Everything is available online and you technically have no excuse. This lockdown has come as a blessing. It has taken away every single excuse that you have ever made, that now what you got your future is yours to own, this time is yours and as much as we may curse it and are afraid, trust me a time like this may never come again in history. Use it well. This is the time to re-imagine and re-think and re-envision your future. Plant some seeds right now, put some thought in and let it grow over the days to come. Rethink about your work. See, unless your job is purely manual everything is going to go digital. The digital revolution has already started and is on its way to gaining momentum. Think digital, think virtual and while you do that also think personal, also keep in mind to create some optional working styles maybe when you go out the world is just the same but do have options on expediting, on improving, on upgrading your work on a digital platform will only help you grow further. See whether your life goes back to normal or not you cannot deny the fact that digital is going to play a very very important role in your life so start thinking about your job in those terms. Plant that seed and let it grow. Do your research, do your study, upgrade your skills and maybe a new order, a better order will come in your work profile. And you would be ready for it to go embrace and meet the future. And I would also highly recommend do the things that you always wanted to do as you have time. If you manage your time strategically you can get a lot done. All those things that you wanted to do and said I don’t have the time, well now you do. 

If you create a good discipline you could get that book rolling, you could get those columns rolling, you could like to play the guitar, you can learn to dance. I don’t know whatever is it that you wanted to do, take a good look at it and maybe now that time has come and when you indulge in it the happier you’ll be. Involve in something productive and positive and that will keep your chin up and sailing into the future. This too shall pass and you and I both know everything comes to an end, the good times and the bad times but when this time comes to an end one thing is for sure, guarantee that you will not be the same person again, you would have changed drastically for the better or worse that choice lies in this moment. You better put in some thought here. Protect your mind and personality, use discipline and let go of distraction. Re-think and re-imagine your work and your operating basis for your future that my friend is the only way forward. 

I’m also launching my digital workshop series disruption in lockdown and you’re welcome to be a part of it.

Please stay in touch, stay safe and stay healthy.

Rooting for your success,

Priya Kumar

Motivational Speaker | Bestselling Author | Dreamer

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