Be a fragrant flower rather than the pressed one

“Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.”


How many times have your friends seeked you out while they were  facing some problems in life? Were you able to guide them to clarity? How did it make you feel? Accomplished, isn’t it?

Despite being able to guide your friends through their life do you ever find yourself lost? Have you ever felt that when it comes to other people you are great at sorting out their problems, but when it comes to yourself you feel helpless and confused?

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure if you could sieve through your emotions too with equal ease and confidence? The hiccup lies nowhere else but within you. And the solution lies within you too. Develop a personality that guides not only the people around but yourself too.

Keep fighting for that piece of chocolate

Success is not a one time thing. You do not stop studying after you score well in your high school. Similarly you do not stop playing once you have scored one goal. Neither will you stop trying if you failed the first time. The art of living a life worth legacy is the persistence with which you follow your dreams. And just like a stubborn kid who always has his way with parents, a person with determined persistence will not be kept away from achieving his dreams for long.

Always,always, always fight for the chocolate 

Have you lately been complaining about Dhoni’s performance? Isn’t it strange that the captain who ruled all the cricket formats suddenly has to face all the criticism? If someone as capable as Dhoni who led the Indian cricket team to win the world cup faces torrential winds due to lack of consistency then every one of us goes through the same criticism when we stop being who we are. When you deliver good results consistently, it boosts your ego and enhances your art too. It further develops your personality into a confident human who can be trusted for his talent and potential.

Know which chocolate you want

Leading a life with clear achievable goals not only prevents distractions on the way but also helps the right people to align with you. When you have well defined goals you save a lot of time in making decisions that do not align with your life purpose. It further helps you attract the right kind of energy that provides you with the necessary push required to realize your goals.

Accept that you want the chocolate

The world cannot stress enough for you to be “you”. Be authentic. Be true to the values you believe in. The moment you start being someone else you take a step away from your purpose and your life’s goals. And when you aren’t living your own values you won’t be able to leave a legacy.

The biggest fear we all have is not that we will die, rather the fact that we will be forgotten. If you want to leave a legacy behind, live a life worth remembering. Personality is to a man what fragrance is to a flower. Groom your personality in a way that it not only makes you worth all the energy invested by the universe but also make sure you create an impact that transforms the world into a better place.

“Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.”

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