Instead Of Arriving On Time, Arrive Early

Doubtlessly, punctuality is one of the more important virtues to have in a professional’s career. Just being at the right place at the right time has changed fortunes of people. You see, because punctual people never go unnoticed, and this quality solely can earn one a place on the pedestal for their seniors and the people around them. Because punctuality brings qualities like responsibility, and reliability. And in the professional world, there are no qualities more attractive to have. It is like working with the kind of person who can confidently tell you “I’ll take care of it, you can be rest assured.” It makes you feel relieved, and know that you are working with the right person. Because they have consistently shown they can be relied upon, further maximizing one’s bid to success. 

But you know, as good as punctuality is, true achievers, are always one step ahead. True achievers don’t just come on time, they come way before time. Here’s why.

Imagine you’re participating in a running race. And nobody who’s in their right minds participates in a race to lose. Now imagine, if you are given an option of beginning the race earlier than others. You get a headstart ahead of others participating in the race. Wouldn’t it give you an unfair advantage to win it? I mean, no matter how talented, speedy, and athletic the other runners are, wouldn’t that give you a much maximized chance at success? Of course it would. Then why do you not take it?

Your daily workplace is the same running track. You are participating in a race that is much wider in scale, and much more competitive but is certainly a race. A race to the top. And in your bid to the top, you take every chance you can, wouldn’t you? And this is one that is right under your nose. There is great power in arriving early because:

1. You get the entire office to yourself: The smell of an empty office is as good as that of a new car. The empty morning office is fresh, empty, and conducive of fantastic work. It is a powerful place to be, for the entire energy of the office is all yours to channel into your work. No distractions, no disturbances. All you going to town with your work.

2. You’re going ahead of the game: Doubtlessly, in an environment conducive of good work, coupled with a mind abuzz after your morning coffee, the work will dash out faster than most of your afternoons combined. By the time the others start filling in, you will have already completed a quarter of your daily tasks, and by the time they have settled to work, you will have completed half. Work will slowly start to look too easy for your designation.

3. You’re making a statement: Work will slowly start to look too easy for your designation… And the manager can’t help but take notice. And the time after it starts looking too easy for your job, you will be the first one to be identified for the opening for a senior position. As I said earlier, there is nothing more impressive than a man who can be relied upon.

So instead of arriving on time, arrive early, and conquer the world. 🙂

P.S.: The trains are emptier early in the morning. 🙂

P.P.S.: The empty trains indicate just how many people are willing to join the ranks of the elite. Get acquainted and befriend the empty trains. There are few who would take the right efforts to reach first, both figuratively and literally. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Instead Of Arriving On Time, Arrive Early

  1. Sadaf Rizvi says:

    Very well said..value your time..that’s has to change the mindset..after all Late means “Late” both Figuratively and Literally!!

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Rightly said dear Sadaf. Do drop in your thoughts on my other blogs, would love to know if you liked them 🙂

  2. Rajat- says:

    Ys, ‘If you are on time, you are late’ – Kurt Rinck

  3. Rajat- says:

    “True achievers don’t just come on time, they come way before time.”

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