How To Stay Happy

This lockdown has taken a toll on the morale, peace of mind and happiness of people all over the world. Even the ones who always said they were happy go lucky and nothing could disturb them. Well, even they are finding themselves sliding slowly in doubt moving towards depression. So, how to stay happy in challenging times, especially at times like these, where the future and the present both are invalid and in grave uncertainty. Well, you have to set yourself up for happiness. I would share with you the formula that will guarantee you happiness in your daily life. 

First, make a list of 20 things that make you happy for example here is a list of 20 things that make me happy.

  1. Listening to music reading
  2. Reading a good book
  3. Playing with my dogs
  4. Talking to my best friend’s
  5. Helping someone
  6. Cleaning my car
  7. Singing out loud
  8. Exercising
  9. Writing
  10. Watching funny videos
  11. Cooking
  12. Driving
  13. Loud music
  14. Watching the sky
  15. Walking alone
  16. Painting
  17. Giving
  18. Coffee
  19. Silence and
  20. My work.

It would be a smart idea to write this down and put it where you can see it. Now pick two or three things that you can start your day with.

While you make your to do list, it should begin with two or three of these things that make you happy. And if you see the content, you will see they are not time consuming. I can do it, I can begin my day with that and it doesn’t take as much time as you think. Little investments in acts of happiness will go a long way in setting you up and protecting you from negativity, doubts and uncertainty that come your way. I would go a step ahead and say, take a break every two to three hours and add a few more acts of happiness to keep you going for the rest of the day. Sprinkle your day with happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, it’s an inner jobs and sometimes when the state is disturbed, it takes actions to help you restore it. Acts of happiness will help you maintain a state of happiness. So make acts of happiness a priority in your daily to do list. 

Make happiness forever be your state. Learn how to stay happy and watch how the quality of your life changes towards the positive, no matter how testing and depressing the environment in times around you be.

Rooting for you,

Priya Kumar

Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer

5 thoughts on “How To Stay Happy

  1. Kulmeet kaur says:

    The way you simply explain the complexities of life is outstanding Priya!!

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Thank you so much dear one 🙂 😀

  2. Rajni Nautiyal says:

    Please take one webinar for all fans….

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Will surely try to do so 🙂 😀

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