How to Handle Friends & Relationships- Part 1

One of the most sensitive point in the relationship between parents and their children is, how do the parents handle their children’s friends and relationships especially when they know they are not good for them. How do you take a graceful stand while not hurting their ego and not turning them into rebels? That is the context of my blog today.

You will agree with me that everybody comes into our life to teach us a specific lesson. We learn lessons from the good people and we also learned lessons from the bad people. So having good people in our life friends and relationships, it’s a pleasure and it’s easy to recognise them, they are transparent, they mean what they say, they wish well for us and we are generally productive around them. 

And you will also agree with me as grown up adults we still struggle with the bad ones. We’re not able to recognise them they come they fool us, take advantage of us and no matter what your age forty fifty sixty.

Some of us are still dealing with how did I miss the sign at this sign? How could I be so stupid? How did I let that person take me for a ride?

The truth is we couldn’t recognise them, the truth is we didn’t understand the modus operandi, the truth is we’re not tuned into the signal the negative people send us. When should this tuning, when should this training start? Well it’s from childhood. Life is the best teacher experience, Experience is the best teacher. So while you’re watchful for the good friends and good relationships of your children also be mindful for bad ones. Because the bad ones have come to teach them something, that will stick around for their life.

Don’t be overprotective, and shoo the negative one away. It is easy to spot out the negative kids, they are still transparent, you can still see the difference. But it is when they grow up.

Your children will not have the tools to save and protect themselves. 

Maybe you will not be around to just to save their lives. Also please save yourself the trouble of repeatedly telling them he’s not good for you and I’m telling you he is going to hurt you, you’re going in the wrong direction, you’re going to ruin your life. Words don’t people’s, experiences do! So save yourself the trouble, they’re going to land up keeping from you, they are going to stop telling you about their lives. What you need to do as a parent is the minute you spot a negative friend or a negative relationship. Tell your children; show them what the reality of that person is. That look this person is good but nothing, not doing much, doesn’t respect his parents, and so on. The reality that perhaps the world can see, that you can see, and your children can also see. Then leave the choice to your child, to decide do they what to around such a person, do they want the same future.

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