Traits of Highly Successful People – Part 3

There is a key that could guarantee you success, that would take you to the fulfilment of your goals. There is a sure shot way to get to the place of achievement. That is the context of my message to you, today.

So, this year, I have made the biggest goals ever this lifetime of writing 10 books, 2 movie scripts, 500 original quotes, 100 articles and conducting 150 workshops. A lot of time, many weeks literally, went in massive planning and massive goal setting and massive strategies. And then started the work.

Will challenges come in the way of my daily work life? Yes. Will I have confusion and other expectations and priorities not matching my purpose thrown at me? Yes. Will I suddenly not know what to do? Will I have doubts in my abilities and my target? Will people give me a hard time? Will delays happen? Yes. You get my point, right? When you start to put your plans into action to get to achieve your goals, one by one challenges and problems will show up, sometimes as people and sometimes as circumstances. Some problems you will be prepared for, others will surprise you. So, what do you do? You go figure. Simple.

Let me tell you this, I came from a lower middle class family. My parents were working very hard to give my brother and I a good education and to make life work. And my parents had told us very clearly, look we are giving you the chance of a good education but we cannot study for you. That you will have to do yourself. They told us, listen, mom and dad are working very hard and we will not have the time to look into your studies, so to get through your grades will be your responsibility. If you fail, we will not send you to school anymore. So, if you have a problem in school, solve it at school and don’t bring it home. If you don’t understand something, ask the teacher, that is why you have a teacher. If you still don’t understand, then ask your grandfather, and if you still don’t understand, go figure.

And guess what, very early on in life, my brother and I learnt to solve our own problems. In class I always used to sit on the first bench, I was the first to ask a question, I didn’t leave any doubt hanging, I didn’t take problems home. And you know what? It all worked out well in school, and it all worked out well in life. That is the kind of upbringing we had – solve your own problems, and fight your own battles.

Give yourself a chance to find a solution. Give yourself some credit that you can make things go right. Go figure. Ask someone who is concerned with your work. Don’t lay your problems around and expect other people to solve it.

I had one fellow write to me on Instagram direct message, he wrote, “I am so tensed, I have an exam tomorrow, I can’t focus on my study. I am afraid bad things well happen. Please help me.”

Dude, bad things will surely happen! He has an exam tomorrow, he has not studied and is swiping up and down on Instagram and sending me messages to help him? I wrote to him “Get off Instagram”. You see what I am taking about? That’s not asking for help. And don’t get upset with me if I don’t reply.

Look, these are your goals and your dreams. Don’t expect others to leave their priorities and goals and projects and get busy with yours. Yes, we all get stuck sometimes, and that’s when you ask the teacher, someone who is concerned with your work. If that doesn’t work, if you still have a doubt, then ask your grandfather, someone you look up to and trust, someone you have a relationship of respect with, and if that still doesn’t work, go figure.

Look, you have no idea what it takes to deliver the kind of goals that I have set for myself. I have written 10 books in 10 years and I have committed to write 10 books in one year. That’s massive. And while I am getting that done, I also have committed to doing 150 workshops in a year. Do you know ever since the year has started I have taken 43 flights. That’s 43 flights in less than 3 months. My work ethic is at its highest high. And if you really want to be with me on this journey of massive achievement this year, then boss, you need to take the highest responsibility for your actions and the results they will bear. You will need to go and figure out a way through your problems and challenges when they occur and move through them.

You know they say, if you could just follow your own advice you would be a super hero. Well, I am following my own advice and I urge you to follow yours too.

Go and put on your work blinders. Don’t look around and invite distractions. DO NOT get onto Instagram and ask me to help you with focus. You get my point, right? You need such high focus that all you see is your goals and opportunities for actions to get there.

It’s like you put on the pink glasses, so you see the whole world in the shade of pink. That even if you happen to look up, you see Instagram and the social media in the color of your purpose, that is not a distraction but a tool to get you closer to your dreams. You understand the difference? It’s not a distraction but a tool. I am on social media. You have connected with me on social media. It’s not a distraction for me. It’s a vehicle that takes me closer to my goals by connected me with you.

This week, I want you to remember that the key to guaranteed success is the key of taking absolute responsibility of solving your problems. Find a way. And when you do, be kind enough to show others too. Wear your pink glasses, see the world through the lens of your purpose and goals and you will find alignments and you will find collaborations. You will find that things and people and circumstances will begin to make sense, and therein lies your greatest solution and strength.

Look if you have dreamt the dream, if you an envisioned the goal, it will and it can come true. But the key, my friend is in your hands. I have taken the responsibility to do whatever it takes to give my dreams the best that I have, because in their fulfilment is my highest evolution. I can feel that I have grown in the past 3 months more than I have grown in the past two years, where my focus has shifted from what I want to have to what I want to do and what I want to create. If you are in the same boat, then you know that well, that any goal made with that kind of intention is a worthy goal, one that will serve others, as it will serve you.

So with that, I am signing off, leaving you to the best and biggest hustle to make the widest and most powerful impact with your work. I will connect with you again next week, until then, keep shining !! I’m here, rooting for you.

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