Dreamers are Doers

My signature carries my professional titles, Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer. Yes, I am a professional dreamer, as I am a professional motivational speaker and author.

Often people make goals, write down their aspirations, chart out their dreams and share their vision for their future… and then, go about their daily ways doing exactly what they are doing… which is to say, living their life in total misalignment with their goals.

Dreams are doers. Simple. Dreamers are not speakers. Dreamers are not leaders. Dreamers are not teachers. Dreamers are doers. That speech, that position and that future story has no value if it is not translated into daily actions that will get you there. Those are day-dreamers. The life of their vision is limited to the duration of their speech or their attention.

A dreamer, a true dreamer, takes his vision seriously and treats it with professionalism and passion. You will know one when you see one because:

1.    They take action in accordance to their aspirations. When you look at the person’s daily schedule you will be able to decipher his goals. If ambiguity comes in your judgement, it also points toward a lack of clarity in the person’s life.

2.    They hustle. When you see a person ‘out there’, pushing his way forward, going places, working way beyond his paid hours, you know he is driven, you know he is chasing a dream. A chilled-out attitude and reluctance to get out of one’s comfort zone is an indication of a lost purpose.

3.    They find ways, they are problem solvers, they take initiative. What they don’t do is take no for an answer. They will negotiate, they will create alternatives but they will not give up. And they will deliver despite personal odds. If you are easy to break and deter, then your dreams don’t have enough power to keep you going.

4.    They prioritize. They don’t sacrifice, they make choices, they set priorities. So, while you may think they are missing out on life, they have made choices based on their goals and are perfectly happy in doing so. They don’t have regret. They know what they want and they know what will not get them there.

5.    They play to finish. Dreamers in action are the players who will play till the end of the game. Whether they are losing or winning, you don’t see the players laying around on the field. They are running and hustling till the last ball is bowled. A dreamer will play till the end whether he makes the score or not, but he will finish the game. The one’s who sit down and eat a snack on the playing field or stop to watch a movie or get on long chats, aren’t players, actually, they are not even in the game.

Dreams don’t come cheap. Your hard work, your unbroken dedication, your heart’s involvement, your unwavering focus bring the greatest value to it, making the journey and the accomplishment a priceless achievement.

I am a dreamer and I am rooting for you.

Priya Kumar

One thought on “Dreamers are Doers

  1. Rajat- says:

    Henceforth, my focus on action. Thinking should succeed action. In the words of Ms Priya, ” pause only to resume effectively”.

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