Couldn’t Do Vs. Didn’t Do

So, the year is coming to a fast end, with 60 days to go. For those of you who still remember the goals you made at the start of the year, either you are sitting at the seat of confidence or are at the edge of your chair with stress. Well, whether you are close to your goals and are certain of its fulfilment or far away from it, know that you can do more than you think is possible and more than you believe you can do.

Goals have the power to bring unto you the truth – that you are powerful and limitless. And so, in reaching them is to reach the truth about who you really are.

Give the next 60 days your best shot. Anything that is not alignment with your goals should not be a part of your life for the next two months. I don’t care whether you are one step away from your goals, or a hundred steps away—keep your focus loyal on your target.

If you are certain you will achieve it, then go and overachieve it. If you are doubtful you will ever reach there – do everything in your ability to turn that around.

Two realities will unfold on 31st December 2019 that will speak of the quality of your life, focus, and dedication the whole year-round. Either you will make it, or you will fall short. If you aren’t able to cover the distance, then two realities will speak the truth about your intention and your future forward – did you do what needed to be done, or didn’t you!! It’s all right that you couldn’t achieve what you had set your sights on, but that you didn’t do what needed to be done, that regret will set your confidence and morale back by many years and cost you many more successes in the future.

You have a chance still. The game is still open for a comeback. Sixty days are enough to create miracles. Give it the best you have, and then discover some more of yourself.

If I can be of help to add the much-needed push to take you to the finish line, I’m a phone call and email away.

Rooting for your success,

Priya Kumar

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t Do Vs. Didn’t Do

  1. Sadaf says:

    Thank you so much for this write resonates with my present life!! This surely is a self check blog!!

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      You are too sweet… God bless you 🙂

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