The Traits of Highly Successful People – Part 2

I am not a big fan of buffet meals. I often land up eating more than I normally would. I am an a-la carte person, where I relish one meal and decide the portion I want to eat. It’s about doing justice to one, instead of dabbling in several others. Goals, daily action-ables are quite like that. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, focus on one thing and get it done. The sense of achievement you feel in finishing a task and delivering it brings confidence to scale the next project.

So, if you have done an analysis on the previous list, the traits of highly successful people and worked your way up to a better score, I am adding five more to your attention. 

6. Personal Growth: You carry your body, your mental, emotional and spiritual make up at work. A negative person will bring dampened morale into the project, messing it up for everyone else. A tired person will bring delays and errors. An emotionally disturbed person will bring further chaos. How would you rate yourself on these three areas? No matter what your score, make daily improvements. Sleep better. Eat right. Keep yourself in good cheer. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself in peak emotional state.

7. Perfectionist: Can you do it better? Can you add a more personal detail in your work? Are you willing to go out of your way to make a better product or deliver a better service even if you know the returns will not equal up to your efforts? If you can deliver more than expected and more than you can ever be compensated for, you have not just touched perfection but also greatness. Heroes are made of that. Bring that out of you.

8. Accountable: Your job, your targets, your dreams, your success are your responsibility. No one is going to run your race for you. You have to get there yourself. And so, blaming others, waiting for others to wake up and support you are futile actions and expectations. Be accountable for your own lot and destiny. There is always something you can do about where you are and what you want. If you can take ownership for everything, you won’t be denied anything. It could take longer than expected, but trust it will eventually come to you better than you ever imagined. Take ownership.

9. Optimistic: Are you hopeful? Do you still believe in yourself despite temptations to quit? Are you still keeping your chin up and showing up for yet another hustle every day? Feed your optimism daily, and hourly if needed. It is when the heat is turned on that you need to keep your head out of the boiler. The mind quits first, the body only follows suit. Don’t give up hope. The jackpot is yet to be claimed. It could be you. It should be you. But you won’t get there if you don’t show up.

10. Problem Solver: Are you solving problems or creating them? When surrounded by many challenges, stop and solve one. Put your attention in bringing one lopsided edge back to balance. When people see you busy setting things right, they will continue to believe in you despite the delay. In every moment ask yourself the question, what do I need to solve to move past the problem. Find the solution. Create one. Get help. Don’t stop till you have overcome the challenge.

Rate yourself on the above and keep it in your consciousness to increase your score through your daily actions today. If you are a 10 on 10 on making efforts to grow personally, on delivering your task to perfection, on holding yourself accountable for your lot, on being unbreakable on optimism and have in you the grit to solve the biggest of all problems, well, my dear friend, you are not just on your way to achieving your dreams but are on the way to becoming an inspirational example as you do, leading others to achieve theirs. That, is true success, of having inspired it in others.

I wish you courage and grit to do more than you can ever imagine, for I know you can.

Rooting for your success.

Priya Kumar –

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