How To Haggle Up Your Way For Salary Negotiation And Job Promotion

Everyone wants to make more money. That forms the primary motivation of coming to work, to do a good job, to add value, and to upgrade one’s own lifestyle while at it. So how do you get paid more, if you continue to do the same job over and over again? To think of switching jobs by manipulating your resume, work experience and achievements is not something that will serve you in the long run. If you are not worthy of more income in your current job, then you are definitely not worthy of that raise elsewhere. But, if you want your aspirations to be in alignment with your performance, then you need to work harder and haggle your way up for salary negotiation and a job promotion.

  1. Be a leader at work. The person who gets paid the highest is the person who leads the most number of people. Start your journey now. Go about and make other people’s business and achievement your business. Be the first in line to help, unasked. Be aware of the responsibilities of others around you and if nothing else, add positivity and cheer in their daily work a day. If these are the same people who are going to see you as their senior in the future, then you need to start earning their respect from today.
  2. Get work done faster. People are willing to pay “prime” and “premium” if they can get their product faster. On time delivery no longer creates an impression, it is before time delivery that wins the brownie points. Find ways on speeding up your turn around time, that way you will be the first in mind when it comes to handing out bonuses, perks and upgrades.
  3. Upgrade your skills. It is not practical for your employer to pay you more for the same job that you have been delivering. In fact your demand may be the cause of your replacement, because everyone knows that if you haven’t improved in your job profile, then your position is causing the company extra expense because they can hire younger talent for cheaper to fill in your shoes. Make it your business to upgrade your skills so that when you improve and upgrade your work profile, you can demand a fair increment in that proportion.
  4. Expand your work horizon. Think beyond your profile. Move out and explore the larger impact that your work has within the company and to the consumers; and now go back to the drawing board to come up with ways and ideas on how to enhance that experience for both. When you make an effort to add improved value to your employers and end users, your attitude will make you a priceless asset to have. It is when you can demonstrate that you have the company’s best interest at hand can you demand a better compensation package.

If you have an inkling that your work and your salary are out of proportion, start the process of employing the above points right away. Give it a few months for your effort to become visible and your results to make the necessary positive impact before you go up to your boss and state your demand. Show quantifiable results of what you have done versus building a case of what you can do in the future. People ask for a raise by making promises. You do the opposite. First show them the ‘more’ that you are now delivering and then ask for the ‘more’ that you truly deserve. If you are good, then your demands will be accommodated, because every employer knows how difficult it is to find good performers, and will not let you go. The condition being – If your excellence can be seen, you will walk out with a better pay package without having to ruin your chances of stability and success by running away to other places by means that do not justify your integrity and your performance.

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  1. Ganesh Acharya says:

    Very well written.
    The only way we can reap more is by sowing more.

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