Watch Your Mouth

The results that you are getting in life are closely related to your own actions. While we can get on an endless argument on excuses and reasons how you have nothing to with the reality that forms your life, the truth is that in your action or inaction, you brought it upon yourself. This is true for everything in life, your work and your health included.

The shape of your body, the weight you carry in excess body fat is all your doing. While how you look is genetic, your body shape and general health is truly in your hands. If you are about to jump and blame the lack of time for not hitting the gym every day and your sedentary lifestyle for the increasing inches and kilos – STOP right there. 

The state of your body has many factors of influence, but the primary and most critical one is the food you eat in terms of quality and quantity. If you eat right, do some form of light activity in a day and watch your posture, you will see benefits far beyond your expectations in your productivity, emotional well-being and happiness.

You have no idea how many people have health and fitness as their new year resolutions and as a part of their goal setting. Some even go to the gym or join Pilates or hot yoga or other fashionable exercise studios, and because the results aren’t impressive and their involvement is not consistent, it is not motivating to do so day after day. What started out as a great and worthy goal now becomes a great disappointment, leading to declining health and confidence bringing to light a new and innocent culprit — work life.

Research has shown that food impacts 80% of your body shape and overall health. What you put in your mouth will decide your energy, your mood, your productivity, and your lifespan. Watch what you eat. We are at the end of the year, so don’t kill yourself in your daily workouts trying to ‘sculpt’ your body. Its futile if you don’t make changes in your food habits. Instead, invest the money in consulting a dietician. It will go a long way in bringing you the much-needed energy and confidence to handle your body, your work and your life.

 Just as a wakeup call, open your lunch box, write down everything you have eaten today and honestly write down the impact it has had on your body. The unanswered questions about your moods, your creativity, your energy, your passion and your performance will be found right there in your plate. Don’t believe me – ask Google, ask your dietician, ask your doctor, ask your inner knowing.

Don’t make dysfunctional intelligence your excuse for getting by a mediocre life. You deserve better and so does your body. Make an appointment and consult your dietician. That one hour spent will bring you many hours of betterment, health and happiness with the much-needed changes in your diet.

Rooting for your health and wellness,

Priya Kumar

2 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth

  1. Rajat- says:

    “in your action or inaction, you brought it upon yourself”
    Beautiful phrase, rightly said, involves deep realisation. Sometimes I used to stop, but now I learn, ‘ in actions lies the solution, always, always act to solve’. Inaction is immaturity and lack of knowledge. Act and Act Elevatedly.

    Thank you Ms Kumar.

    1. Priya Kumar says:

      Thank you for your kind words… Rooting for your success 🙂

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