Life Hacks during Challenging Times part 1

This is Priya Kumar. I’m a motivational speaker and author and I am at home in lock down. Now this lockdown is for real. Fear, insecurity and uncertainty are the key words, now if you let this affect you it is going to shape your personality and your attitude and if you allow fear, negativity and uncertainty to become your daily discussions and conversations, then soon you will become it. We all know that it takes twenty one days to form a habit and with this extended lockdown if you do not take care of your mind, when the lockdown does end and when you are let into freedom you are not going to be the same, person perhaps you would be a very negative person. A negative person is a prisoner in his mind with all the freedom outside he would not be able to make a better future. I’m giving you three tips on how to sail through this lockdown with increased productivity and a shining attitude when you are set free.

1) Facts Verses Forwards

Now this lockdown has allowed everybody to become uncertified journalists, YouTubers and influencers on the internet and you and I both know what is happening to our messages, WhatsApp, emails and any other communication flow that is open for others to send us information. We are bombarded with information that may or may not be true or maybe so severe and overwhelming that it impacts us. Now let me tell you the data that comes to you, what you read, what you see, what you hear, it will affect your mindset and your decision making and with the amount of negativity coming at you and lot of it being fake, exaggerated and overwhelming, then my dear friend the future doesn’t look bright any which way. It is simple you know, if you tell a lie hundred times it becomes the truth and we don’t like people nagging us. You don’t like somebody telling you that same thing over and over again and this negativity has really become nagging so you need to keep one source of information, one source of facts that when somebody does send you a forward, this is what I do I send them back saying- look I am well informed I have my sources to keep myself updated so please don’t send me these forwards. Keep one source of facts and make your decision based on that.

2) Discipline Verses Distraction

Your destiny is in your hands you have nobody to blame because nobody’s in there. You are all alone in the lock down and let me tell you one fact up front- when this lockdown is lifted when you go back to the world the job scenario would have changed. The world would have changed. You would walk into a new environment, a new era, now are you prepared for that? To do that let me tell you all you have now, what can you do today to prepare for the future. Your greatest asset is your time and if you cannot control the way you spend your time productively then you definitely cannot be in charge of your future or anybody’s future, it is going to be out of your control. Remember future is also a time line and if you cannot control the time in present, then the future is out of your control. This time in lock down is literally make it or break it. You have to create a discipline of focus so that you align your time and energy into creating a better future productively spent today so that when you do walk out you walk out with confidence and control no matter what the landscape of the world has become. 

Do stay tuned for my next blog ‘Lockdown Life Hacks – Part 2’ 

Rooting for you,

Priya Kumar

Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer

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