Video Editor


Production & Design 


Enhance visual storytelling, engage audiences, and maintain quality through skilled video editing for effective communication and impactful content.


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Position Overview

Craft compelling narratives, enhance visuals, and refine content by editing videos, ensuring seamless flow and impactful communication.

Job Experience: 

  • Freshers can apply. 
  • Internships are OPEN.


  •  Footage Review and Selection: Video editors review all the raw footage captured during filming or recording. They select the best takes and shots for the final video, considering factors like performance, composition, lighting, and overall quality.
  • Storyboarding: In collaboration with directors or producers, video editors might participate in storyboarding sessions to plan the visual flow of a project before starting the actual editing process.
  • Editing: This is the core task of a video editor. They arrange selected footage in a logical and creative sequence, telling a compelling story or conveying a specific message. This involves cutting, trimming, and rearranging clips to create a smooth and engaging flow.
  •  Color Correction and Grading: Video editors adjust the color and lighting of the footage to achieve a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look. This can involve correcting white balance, enhancing contrast, and applying creative color grading to set the desired mood.
  • Transitions and Effects: Editors use transitions (like cuts, fades, and dissolves) to transition between shots and scenes smoothly. They can also add visual effects and graphics to enhance the storytelling or create specific visual impacts.
  •  Motion Graphics: For some projects, video editors might create or incorporate motion graphics and animated visual elements such as text, icons, and infographics that provide additional information or visual interest.
  • Audio Editing: Audio is a crucial aspect of video content. Video editors synchronize audio tracks with video, adjust audio levels, and remove background noise. They may also add sound effects, music, and voiceovers to enhance the experience.
  •  Versioning: Editors may create different video versions, such as shorter edits for social media or alternative arrangements for different target audiences or platforms.
  • Collaboration: Video editors often work closely with directors, producers, cinematographers, and other team members to ensure the final product aligns with the creative vision and objectives of the project.
  • Quality Control: Before finalizing a project, editors review the entire video to ensure there are no technical glitches, continuity errors, or other issues that could detract from the viewer’s experience.
  •  File Export and Delivery: Once the editing is complete, video editors export the final video in the appropriate format, resolution, and aspect ratio for the intended distribution platform, whether online streaming, broadcast, or other mediums.
  • Time Management: Manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work.
  • Staying Updated: Video editing tools and techniques are constantly evolving. A responsible video editor stays updated on industry trends, new software, and emerging technologies to deliver high-quality, modern content.


  • Diploma/degree/certification course from design colleges or institutes\
  •  Relevant experience


  •  Adobe Premiere Pro
  •  DaVinci Resolve
  •  Adobe After Effects
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe Audition
  •  Audacity

Interview Process: 3 Rounds 

1)  Application Screening Process (Match with Job Requirements, Consider Additional Factors, Check Previous work experience,  Portfolio review)

  •  Diversity of projects
  •  Quality of work
  •  Consistent style or aesthetic
  •  Creativity

2) Skill Assessment: Design task (Logo Redesign, App Icon Design, Poster or Flyer Design, Infographic Creation, Typography Challenge, Creative Brief Response)

3) Final Interview:  Evaluate how the candidate would collaborate and contribute to the team, Discuss compensation, benefits, and terms, Joining date, followed by Onboarding & Paperwork. 

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Andheri(W)-Mumbai

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Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker with 27 years of Corporate Training Experience. 

She has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched the lives of over 3 million people through her workshops and books.

Priya has written 15 inspirational books which have won 44 International Book Awards making her the FIRST Indian Author to have done so. Her books have been translated into 11 foreign and regional languages with #1 bestseller status in all countries of release.

Priya was awarded the Times of India, Speaking Tree, Good Karma Award, as India’s BEST Inspirational Author. The French Media described her as the Paulo Coelho from India.

Priya is India’s first certified Fire walk Instructor and has conducted over 2000 fire walks across the globe.

With over 700 published columns for national and international publications, Priya’s work has been extensively featured by the media in India and abroad and she has been invited as a celebrity guest on several business, entertainment and reality shows.

Known as The Biography Specialist, Priya has penned the biographies of leading industrialists and legendary businessmen like O.P. Munjal and has now written the official biography of Pullela Gopichand, the Chief National Coach for the Indian Badminton team.

Turned Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Priya has made her Bollywood debut with “I Will Go With You” as her debut web series “The Final Call”, which is streaming on ZEE5.

Priya is also a professional painter, specializing in oils and acrylics. To add to her kitty of hobbies and interests, Priya is also an astrologer and tarot card expert. She is a natural stand-up comedian, who is yet to take her talent up professionally.

An ace academician, Priya was always a top ranker as a student. She did her graduation in Arts. She also holds diplomas in Finance, Marketing & Sales, German and French. She quit mid-way on her Masters in Psychology. Apart from academics Priya has done over 200 courses ranging from calligraphy, to stock trading, to china painting, to several courses on leadership, management, sales, storytelling, and so many more.

As an entrepreneur Priya is the founder and CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems, Books That Inspire (a niche publishing house), Fire Light Films ( a niche production house for short films and documentaries).


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