Turn The Tables – From Challenges To Opportunities

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Turn The Tables is a book where I have penned down the lessons that I have learned through some really trying and challenging situations which brought me to where I am today, a place where I am a bigger and better person, where I know that I can be the solution to any problem that comes my way and use it to grow further and higher. Challenges have brought me inner strength and power. Success has brought me responsibility and balance. I have learned through both. And I have learned well. To ask for success is to ask for challenges, that is a truth that I have accepted. And so, I ask for challenges, big challenges, and many challenges. I know that every challenge comes with the unbroken promise of success when it is overcome.

Turn The Tables is a journey through challenges into opportunities. Every situation and person that presents itself in your arena is purpose-bound to serve you a unique lesson. When learned, that lesson can bring magic in your everyday life. Be the magician, the source of control and creation, where no matter what life brings to you, your destiny can never be denied.

About the Author

Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author of 11 Inspirational Books. In her 24 years journey with Motivational Speaking, she has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books, and is the only Woman Speaker in India to have done so. She is the only Indian Author who has won 33 International Awards for her books.

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Priya Kumar
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by Bishal Baishya on Priya Kumar
No stones unturned in helping releate readers' events to positive vibes

The author wrote a very touching book plus literally an appreciative literature too. The style and language of her writing and expression beginning from intro sections in form of note, been of extreme brilliance. Ofcourse this isn't any flattery of the book, but this book is meant for all ages regardless of profession or field of study. Not just any common masterclass kinda claiming book, but simple attire of lovely motivation and inspiration for self help. In short she well elicited that God helps those who help themselves. Maybe sometimes she helped in inspiring to think of how to help self.

Wish there was a way to get these words actually in person via email or letter. Hope there was then it would be reallly long.......

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