The Number One Worry A Parent Has – Part 2

Here’s the continuation of my previous blog ‘The Number One Worry A Parent Has- Part 1’

The worst is when your children express to you what they want to do in life, that would be an actor that would be a singer, I want to be a musician and you cut that out. You say all of that later, right now you study or this is not the right career for you. Well, you’re not telling him off, you’re telling that divine force off that deemed you worthy to be a custodian of this purpose and to nurture it and take it to the world. Your direct report is going to be with that divine force when you get there. That not only, you did you not fulfil your purpose or not only you didn’t fulfil your purpose but you did not allow somebody I sent in your custody to do so. That is a very big crime spiritually to deny somebody his purpose especially when you stand guard at that gate.

You children will blame you for the rest of their life. In fact some of them are waiting to get rid of their parents so that they can start, breathing and living and making their own chooses. You wouldn’t want that, be aware of the consequences which will come back to you. Forget the impact that you’re making on your children’s lives by denying them their purpose. Think of what is going to come back to yours. In the end everybody’s going to get a job, everybody is going to make a career, everybody’s going to go out there and earn money.

But will their work be an exchange? will that work to be a contribution?

Will that work uplift people? Will that work serve its purpose? That depends on whether they are following it or not. It’s not about making money. Money will come and go. But it is who you become, in that process that comes very easy to people, who are following the path of their purpose. 

If you feel you have a right to live your life on your own terms, on your choice, to do what you were meant to do. Well, first allow it for your children. There is no good job or bad job. They’re only good performer and bad performer and it’s easy to be a great performer.

As a parent be curious about the life of your children, be curious about the clues that they hold, it’s for you to discover. Of course they are expressing it every day but it is for you to recognise, to discover and give ignition to it. So that your children become a raging storm that make the world a better place.

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