The Number One Worry A Parent Has – Part 1

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The number one worry of parents about their children is for their education and their career. In this blog I’m going to build a case on how you should take away your focus in building their careers and put it on building their life.

Well, as grown-ups, as adults as parents we know everybody is unique. Everybody has come on this planet with a unique gift, a talent, a purpose only they are meant to serve. Yet we forget to apply those lessons with our own children, to give you a very small examples: we all have two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose and that is just your face’s frame. While this is a constant for six billion people, there are no two people who look exactly the same. So within the standard frame each one brings his unique personality, his unique look. There are 6 billion variations, so how unique is your child and you and the next one around the block. Each one has a gifted expression! If this example, doesn’t serve to convince you? Well, god save your children.

Yes it is a valid worry, that your children should follow the right path. They should arrive at the destination happy. They should arrive at the destination as good people. While that is the constant like the two eyes, two ears, one nose and the one mouth. There will be so many variations and so many unique paths, to get there. 

Allow your children that decision, to be that unique expression of the purpose that they bring to this planet. If you’re clever, if you’re smart and if you’re observant, the signs of your children’s interest come very early in life. Allow them indulgence in that direction and I know if you are going to stand guardian of your children purpose honoring the gift that the lord has brought to your house. I know it takes investment in terms of finances in terms of time. But you have to make that, because you are custodians not just off your children’s lives as they grow up, but also to nurture the purpose that they bring. 

So let’s say your child comes up with this unique expression that he or she wants to be a singer. Well, I know it’s going to take a lot of dedication from your part first. Allow them a thirty day trial to indulge in whatever it is that they want to do. It’s one thing to wish for something, it is one thing to build a dream. And it’s a second, to executive it, to make it happen. Allow your children the comfort or the U-Turn back after the trial. The minute they say dad or mom, “this is what I want to be in life” say welcome and I’m going to give you thirty days to decide to know for yourself, if this is what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. That much they deserve.

To be continued in the next blog ‘The Number One Worry A Parent Has – Part 2’

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