Letting Go – Part 2


Letting Go – Part 2

In the previous blog Letting Go-Part 1, I discussed how letting go of wrong attitude is the right thing to do to achieve your set goals and how letting go of unnecessary materialist things make positive impact towards achieving once goals. Here are a few more points we should consider of letting go to prosper in life. 

 Let go of people who not only do not serve you but also are detrimental for your purpose. This is the toughest one of all. By letting go I don’t mean abandon them but minimize your time spent with them these are the people who

 AAre habitually negative. They may not always criticize you but they paint a very dark picture about people and life and thereby steal your enthusiasm and energy.

 BThese are people who are drifters. They never have anything important to do. Their phone call during office hours starts with the greeting, “Hey what are you doing?” because they aren’t doing anything of importance during work hours and then they will open up Pandora’s box of distractions and gossip.

 CThese are people who are always in a problem. Their life is a never ending problem and they don’t want to solve it. They keep you busy with their problems and take your time off from your goals.

 D. These are people who make you feel small and guilty about your progress. “You don’t have time for us anymore”, now you go to a big man these taunts steal your energy let go of these people. The only way to get even with them is to be the example of the person they should see. Show them what an industrious and successful person looks like by becoming one first.

Don’t feel guilty that these are my friends and I would be abandoning them. As a friend it is your duty to meet your friends out of the mess by getting out of it first. Let go and be on your way and while you’re at it, don’t make people guilty for leaving your company. If a friend wants to spend less time with you because he has gotten busy with his life and project.

Encourage him show more power to him and be happy for him and when he does meet you once in three months hold that meeting as the most precious one. Be inspired, learn and be grateful don’t turn around and give him a hard time in that meeting on how he doesn’t care and now he’s become a big men.

Your journey to your dreams is just like any other journey in life people will keep connecting with you but getting off when your time with them ends, you don’t get upset. When a co-passenger gets off and gets about his destination while yours is still three stops ahead.

Similarly don’t spoil your journey just because you want to be polite and not get off when your stop has come, get about your way, stay in touch and make good use of your life to set a wonderful example of where you become the topic of discussion with every new passenger, every new friends and colleagues that person meets.

I hope this helps and serve you to stay on track with your goals so that we can all make to the great pinnacle of victory.

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Rooting for your success,

Priya Kumar

Motivational Speaker | Bestselling Author | Dreamer

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