Letting Go – Part 1


So you have made these amazing goals and dreams and visions, the fact that these are goals it means that you don’t have them now and that means you are not there yet. The bigger the goals the more extraordinary is the journey in getting there. Now here’s the thing to get to your destination you will have to let go of a lot of things, attitudes, lifestyles and people who no longer fit align or are not appropriate for your journey forward. Letting go, is a hard thing to do but holding on to attitude, things and people that have no service to your present or your future will set you back on lifetime. That’s the context of my blog today.

Now imagine that you’re preparing to go on your dream vacation some will choose the mountains, some the ocean, someone island. Oh I’m distracted now! You get my point right? Now when you prepare for the destination you pack your bags very carefully also because you have a specific baggage allowance and the destination demands a certain attitude, things and people such is true for any journey that you decide to take, the one towards your goals included. So if you’re going to the mountains in winter you have to enjoy the cold weather, you can’t say, “Ï don’t like the cold”, otherwise you wouldn’t have made that vision right? You will carry your winter clothes, you will carry things that will help you make your vacation comfortable. You will go with people whom you really want to spend that precious time with right? Such is true for the journey towards your goals.

You have to remember the following points: 

  1. You have to have the right attitude for the journey. You can’t say, Oh I don’t like to talk to people”, “I don’t like to hustle”, “I can’t wake up in the morning”, I can’t. That’s not the right attitude that is needed for your trip which has your dreams as the destination you have to let go of that attitude and quickly adopt one that just suited for it. If you really hate discipline and have all the time to sulk over a fight with your partner and have a problem with focus. Then change your dreams because as it is you’re not going to get anywhere in the journey. So remember, let go of attitudes that will not solve your journey, for that make a list of attitudes that are needed for the journey. How? Now pretend that you’re going to hire someone to do exactly what you want to do and achieve. What would your expectation from that person be? Now let me give you an example, so if I want to be an author who writes ten books this year and I have to hire one to do it what would my expectation from that person be especially if I’m going to pay the person to do the job? I expect her to be focused, to be dedicated, to submit timely chapters, to forever be in her creative zone, to take care of the health, to be cheerful, to be in a good frame of mind, so as to write great stories. Now tally that with your attitude and let go of the ones that contradict it. 
  2. Let go of things that are no longer needed for the journey. That would mean a major lifestyle adjustments let go of the Xbox, let go of spending mindless hours on social media, let go of the television, let go of the weekend parties. Let go of whatever that is consuming your time and neither serving you are your goals.

Do stay tuned for my next blog ‘Letting Go – Part 2’ 

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