Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss


Everyday we are badgered with information that consciously or unconsciously shapes our minds, influences our decisions and eventually shapes our destiny. In being busy, in getting caught in the routine, we slowly begin to slide down the dwindling spiral of negativity without even realizing it. You see evidence of it in your growing discontentment about your work, increasing stress about your life and expanding distance with your loved ones.

There is a silver lining to every crisis, so, be sure to focus on the blessings this pandemic has brought about. While the general prevalent feeling is of
helplessness and loss of control, take this time to really invest in your greatest asset – your mind. What is your daily source of information and data? The media? The government? The opinion of influencers? While there is constant inflow of information surrounding us, it may totally be devoid of logic, facts, knowledge, and sometimes even common sense. And yet, they unfailingly work at delivering a guaranteed impact on your mind and thus your actions.

Invest in knowledge.
Invest in education.
Invest in making for a Better You.

No matter what the situation and no matter how grave the crisis, prepare yourself to hold a position where you have an opinion, where you know the
facts, where your knowledge is so solid that you can see through the hype and the lies. Use this time to educate yourself about your health and how to improve it. Pay attention to your relationships and make a conscious plan how to improve them. Put some thought into your job and your future and devise a strategy on how you can get there faster. Invest some time in studying the economy and the scene of world politics. Be informed. It will all come to impact you and you control you.

Remember, ignorance is no longer bliss. It is a curse. Ignorance will drive you deep into fear and steal your confidence of building a better future. It is knowledge—correct knowledge, interest in knowing and finding the truth that will bring you the confidence to shape and change your world no matter
how grave the situation others may have made. You have the time now to make that shift and turn toward a better world and a
better future. What’s your excuse?

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