How to Handle Friends & Relationships- Part 2


Here’s a continuation of my article How to Handle Friends & Relationships- Part 1

The angle with which you look at life is different from the angle that your children will look at life. They have a different set of experience, their understanding is different. So please respect that if your children still feel no mom, no dad, this is the guy who is my friend, respect it. What should your role then be, is to stand there as a sentry guard waiting for your son to come back home because he will. In what condition god save you, and god save him, but be there to welcome him when he does come back.

The worst thing to expect from your children is to abandon their friend, is to leave that friendship, is to leave those people. How far do you think he would go in running away from people? It never works as children and it never works as adults. You want to teach him to be a leader, you want to teach him to handle these people who are not good for him. Maintain the distance from the negative ones. Don’t abandon them, but limit the time they spent with them.


You know it’s like teaching your son to ride a bike. He is going to fall, if he is not ready for that than don’t get him the bike. But you know what, he will fall a few times, he will learn to balance and then right on people and life is like that. You will fall a few times, you will get hurt and then you will find the balance and be with the right ones. 

The greatest gift you can give your children is giving them a good judgment about people. And that’s, by giving the enough power to make their decisions.

And coming back to how do you handle your children’s friends in relationships especially, those that you don’t approve off. Well, allow them that decision. And be the solid rock for them. Or else you’re denying them a very powerful learning for life. The greatest lessons come from failure in relationships. So it’s better to fail fast and fail early and to learn and to more on. So be there for your children, they will come back. So don’t worry, just be there with them, be there for them.

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