Good Is Not Good Enough

Never do something good enough. For if it was done good enough, it most certainly should have been done better.  ~  Unknown

    Today is the world where “good is the new average”. The top companies, the top employers and the top employees in the world don’t claim to be good; they claim to be the best. If you cannot claim that your services, that your attitude and that your work delivery is the best in the world, then you fall in the 75% bracket of the average performers who draw an average salary and lead an average life. To up your game, to elevate your standard of living, to belong to the elite group of performers you have to change your attitude from good to best.       Being a good sales persona is not good enough, be the best your industry has ever seen. Being a good artist is not good enough, be the one who redefines the craft. Being a motivational speaker is not enough, be the best motivational speaker in the world. Work to delight, your customers, employers and whoever your work touches. The two extra mint leaves adds a zing into the lemonade. A little “thank you for your trust” note, in the file that you are submitting to your boss conveys a very sincere acknowledgement and reassurance of a work well done. It’s the little things that we take for granted are sometimes that things that matter most. If your work, if your delivery is not bringing a smile on the face of the receiver then you are falling into the curse average. Speed is what will add a vertical rise to your success. Under promise and over deliver. There is no glory in being late or being a victim to delays. You are always going to be racing against time, for work and for your own life. Estimate the time you are going to take to finish a job and make it your job to finish it in half, and you will get into the fast lane to success. Ever notice that the fast lane isn’t crowded? When delivering a job or service, make it personal. As much as there are certain ways that you like to do things, making it personal to the receiver will take you from good to best in no time. “Since it meant a lot to you to have the books tomorrow, I personally went and picked them up to get them to you”. “Since pink is your favourite color, I used pink ink to sign the books”. Get personal in your delivery. Take interest in who your target audience is, whether your seniors, customers or co-workers. Get the job done, and get it done their way. The rewards you will get in terms of goodwill—your reputation will begin to precede you. Good doesn’t pay more. Good doesn’t bring you glory. Strive for best. Strive for delight, speed and always remember to make it personal. Rooting for your success. Priya Kumar Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer   P.S. My 9th book, The Wise Man Said, which is being made into a web-series, has won 10 International Awards. Inspiration is the genre I write and work in. My books are an extension of my workshops. Someday, embark on an adventure and come walk on fire with me. The Firewalk will change the way you look at life, and give you deeper insights and first-hand belief that impossible is truly nothing !!  
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