5 Tips for Success- Part 1

Success means different things to different people, but no matter what your purpose or your journey some principles of success are Eternal. They may not get you to your destination faster. Well, time is only a consideration!

Here are five tips that have always worked personally for me, bringing glory, love and happiness into my journey toward achievement. 

  1. Follow your heart, let your heart be the guiding force in all the choices that you make personally and professionally. Well, sometimes you may land up being wrong but at least you would still be happy. You won’t be disturbed and depressed because decisions that start with love also end with love.

It is choices that are made out of compromise, when gone wrong they are the ones that ruin your peace of mind. When following your heart especially in your professional choices, you don’t need money as a yardstick. Passion love and money they don’t mix very well. In the end it is happiness, pride and satisfaction prove to be the real treasures. It could be that if you follow your heart and your passion, you may not make a lot of money but you will live more. 

  1. Stick it out, times will get tough and tough times like good times are temporary. Never quit on a low. Difficult times is not a test of circumstance, it is a test of you. Remember to change in accordance to your goals and not in accordance to circumstances and situations. Which have an agenda of their own, far away from your purpose and goals. If you have followed your heart then know love brings power, strength and hope especially in tough times and keeps you going despite personal inconvenience. So stick it out till the end.

Do stay tuned for my next blog ‘5 Tips for Success – Part 2’

These were the 5 Tips for Success by Priya Kumar Motivational Speaker Author

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Success- Part 1

  1. Bob_man says:

    Really enjoyed this article. Thanks Again. Keep writing. <a href=””>motivational speakers 2020</a>

  2. Ganesh Acharya says:

    Good Pointers.
    Success starts right where we are, It start with us. We are the architect of our success. It is all up to us to Succeed for Fail.

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