• So, you have an Annual Celebration Event, an Internal Strategy and Goal-Setting Meet or a Prestigious Dealers/Partners Conference and are in search of a World Class Speaker to WOW your people in less than 90 minutes? Then, your Search for EXCELLENCE ends here.

    One of the superstars of the professional speaking industry, Priya Kumar has been THE MOST IDEAL CHOICE FOR A KEYNOTE SESSION called upon by the biggest brands across industries to take their intervention to greater unforgettable heights!

    Priya’s keynote POWER TALKS are in complete alignment to your conference agenda, guaranteeing desired results and leaving behind an impact that will stay with the audience long after your conference is over!

    Without the traditional powerpoint slide shows, Priya GUARANTEES to move your audience to take charge of their roles and act through her powerful experiential learning tools. Sensibly blended with your meet’s agenda, Priya’s POWER TALKS accompanied with carefully injected humor and real-time anecdotes leave behind lasting memories of the conference long after it is over as they also ensure BENCHMARK RESULTS to follow!

    Having shared the stage with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Kapil Dev, Navjot Singh Sidhu, A R Rahman and John Buchanan and many others, Priya Kumar continues to be a celebrated name in the speaking industry because – she’s FUN. She is as REAL as real can get. She’s the BEST in the industry. And more than anything, she brings you THE RESULTS!

    Breakthrough through the boring Monotony that a conference brings along Align their Passion for Work with the Organization’s Goals & Vision Strengthen Loyalty with the Brand & Instill the Sense of Oneness Ignite the Spark of Confidence that Can Take Over the Market Inspire them to Go Beyond and Achieve the Seemingly Impossible AND Gift your audience a taste of the Limitless Possibilities that they Can Create & Achieve

    Book PRIYA KUMAR for your next conference intervention!

    “Before we can do the things necessary to reach our goals, we must push through procrastination, apathy, fear and doubt."

    The Personal Breakthrough is the flagship module offered by Priya Kumar’s Training Systems and facilitated by Priya Kumar, a veteran in the field of Personal Breakthrough.

    Fear is not just an emotion; it is a destructive force that prevents people from achieving their goals and dreams. Fear is the barrier, which stands in the way of success, growth, possibilities and achievement. Where there is fear there is also self-doubt, lack of confidence and mediocre performance.

    The Personal Breakthrough session with Priya Kumar breaks through this thick wall of self-doubt and inhibitions. By participating in the breakthrough activities one is able to confront their fears and move out of their comfort zones.

    Comprising Four of the Most Powerful Experiential Activities – the Fire Walk, the Rod Bending, the Board Break and the Glass Walk, Priya Kumar through her Personal Breakthrough session Enables the participants to >

    Confront and breakthrough mental barriers of fear, self doubt and personal inhibitions
    Build a heightened sense of self belief
    Understand the fundamentals of focus
    Imbibe the power of ownership and commitment
    Convert fear into power
    Transform potential into peak performance
    Imbibe the value of strong relationships and ownership based teamwork
    Take risks, become solution oriented
    Think out-of-the-box and strengthen relationships

    The Firewalk

    Imagine walking on a twelve feet long bed of hot burning coals and fire, barefoot? Imagine reaching the other end, unharmed?

    The Fire Walk is the ultimate challenge of self-confidence, for that is what it takes to cross the bed of hot coals and that is what it takes to make it to success in life.

    Fire walking is a powerful tool to experience peak performance by meeting your fears headlong and emerging victorious towards the end of the walk!

    The main lesson one goes back with is that the past does not equal to the future. There is something more powerful than any circumstance, and that is your will and decision to move through it. All you need to do is make up your mind and move into action. There is medical evidence that fire burns the human skin at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and you will walk unharmed at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

    A Walk that creates a huge adrenaline rush within moves the firewalkers from an ordinary way of thinking to an extraordinary, more optimistic and solution oriented approach towards life!

    The Rod Bending Activity

    Imagine you were asked to bend an iron-steel re-bar, a 10mm construction rod, with your neck? What would that do for you, if you could?

    Derived from the ancient Shamans, the Rod Bending activity is one of our most powerful breakthrough activities. Two participants pair up with each end of the iron-steel bar on their neck. In moving forward to embrace each other, they are able to bend the rod.

    The act itself brings to fore some very powerful learnings like the importance of having a common vision and common goal and commitment in making collective success a personal responsibility! It also brings forward the realization that sometimes commitment to deliver results needs personal sacrifice. To move beyond personal inhibitions and develop the appetite for risks are the key objectives. One understands that professional success rides on personal contribution and commitment. Motivating oneself to align to the professional goals and aligning expectations is the result of the Rod Bending activity.

    The Karate Board Break

    With no formal training in Martial Arts or Karate, imagine if you were to break karate boards with your hands. If you can do with a three minute training process that experts take months to master, what can you then not do?

    Derived from Martial Arts, the act of breaking karate boards brings about experiential lessons on ‘Process is King’ and ‘Teamwork is the Key to Success’. The entire activity focuses on flawless teamwork which is hundred percent process driven. Taking personal responsibility not only for the task at hand but for the entire team concerned in the execution of the task and for the ultimate results are some of the key lessons each participant experiences along with a ‘high’ of achievement that will last with them long after the session is over!

    Walking on Broken Pieces of Glass

    A ten feet long path filled with freshly smashed glass pieces waits to be trod upon. Imagine walking on the broken pieces of glass, barefoot, with no injury.

    The Glass Walk teaches us that difficulty, stress and negativity fall out when one takes action in the direction of self-belief. By walking on broken pieces of glass unharmed, one understands that attention, intention and focus are the key ingredients to success, when in place, will lead one across challenges in life.

    All the breakthrough activities serve as an example to take bigger risks. They serve as a reminder that we already have in us all that it takes to be successful and achieve our goals. That ability however is sometimes hidden under layers of negativity that the environment throws at us and under the layers of doubt that we have begun to have in our own selves and our purposes. The breakthrough activities move you beyond your comfort zone, they lift up your spirit and put you back in that place where you were a believer in your self, where possibilities was your outlook and enthusiasm and appetite for challenges formed your attitude. The Personal Breakthrough Workshop renews your faith in your own greatness and your own power, for that is all you need to create realities of your own choosing.

    Who has attended Priya Kumar’s Personal Breakthrough Session?

    From the Biggest of Brands to Multinational Organizations across industries from all over the country and overseas have called upon Priya Kumar to facilitate her Personal Breakthrough workshops for their teams – be it their Leadership Conference, Team Building Event, Goal Setting and Strategy Meet, Sales & Marketing Meet, Rewards & Recognition Evening, Women’s Empowerment Event or even a Channel Partners & Dealers Conference to name a few.

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