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Thinking Aloud

A Collection of Original Inspirational Quotes
Genre : Fiction, Self-help, Inspiration

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  • A collection of original thoughts on the subjects that matter in life.

    Find out from India's leading inspirational author and speaker, her thoughts on winning, happiness,
    courage, love, hope, self-worth, humour, attitude and more.

    Each quote is an insight that makes you think and believe that there is more to life. Such as

    The best don't always win, the persistent always do.

    bullet Don't judge people with the amount of money they have. Money is a poor yardstick of character, a poor yardstick of integrity and a very poor measure of happiness.
    bullet Love is the source of all the goodness that follows. Where there is goodness, there must be love at the source.
    bullet As a daily regime, define your self-worth and then spend the day in demonstrating it.
    bullet The soundest gift you can give someone is praise of his work well done. For praise not only acknowledges the ability but also empowers it.
  • In February 2013, Priya launched her fourth book ‘Thinking Aloud - A Collection of Original Inspirational
    Quotes’ by Priya Kumar with real-life anecdotes by the author on subjects that matter and shape lives.