Priya Recommends
  • I love people and I’m especially drawn to those who are passionate about their lives, driven by their dreams; restless people like me. I believe all the creators, thinkers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, winners; all of them have this restlessness in common. Restlessness to go beyond their limitations, breakthrough their fears and a constant craving for more inspiration, more growth and betterment. These are the people whose purpose goes beyond their personal needs and agenda, a purpose, which embraces the world with their contribution. When I meet such people and see their drive towards making this lifetime count, I know they are the ones who will do anything, anything, to make it happen!

    No matter how talented or gifted or driven one is, I have believe that no one makes it alone. We are supported in our journeys by many others who furthered our purpose, encouraged us and believed in our vision. It is those acts of kindness, those words of empowerment and those gestures of goodwill that helped us move past the days that were far from the future we had envisioned for ourselves. And when we make it across the river, let us not forget to send a boat back for others who need that ride, because we owe it to keep the goodness going.

    Here is a boat back to the one’s who have something extra ordinary to share with the world. I recommend their talent, their passion and their purpose to you, for they stand to make a difference to the world.

    I met Tamojit Bhattacharya at the Taj Hotel, in Calcutta. The lounge was adorned with exceptionally beautiful paintings that drew me instantly. Tamojit’s sensitivity, his spiritual grandeur, his extravagant sense of colors and his bold unconventional style of painting are captured in every canvas that defines his art. Tamojit is extremely talented and an equally ambitious personality. I like his passion and his drive to make his art his life.

    Tamojit’s paintings adorn the walls of my house and bring warmth and spiritual delight in the homes of many others. I would recommend his art to the world.

    We live in a chemical world. Everything from the air we breathe to the toothpaste we use is full of chemicals, with one agenda, to kill. In this society where household chemical warfare is bigger than nuclear warfare, it takes immense courage to stand up and create a chemical free line of products for your body. Purvi Mehta is the founder of Beautiful Garden, where she home grows the ingredients that she uses to create bath and body products. I have fully changed my lifestyle to chemical free. In the past few months, I have shed the years of age and stress off my body.

    Purvi Mehta is committed to a cause; to bring health and wellness going chemical free and I highly recommend her products to those who share the same agenda for their life.