with Priya Kumar
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  • An analogy to “Impossible is Nothing really”, the Fire Walk is one of the most powerful transformational tools through which one can experience personal breakthroughs and overcome mental fears, self-doubt, inhibitions and apprehensions towards going beyond and achieving success!

    From its humble beginning 29 years ago, the corporate fire walking movement has grown to the point that people from all walks of lives including corporate head honchos, athletes, movie stars, ex President of United States Bill Clinton have sought the experience.

    One of the most powerful Shaman rituals, the Fire Walk transforms fear into power, self doubt and self sabotage into higher self-belief and radiates the fullness of who YOU are. This journey and walk from the Impossible to the realm of possibilities is exhilarating and has a lifelong impact on the firewalkers!

    Priya Kumar is India’s first Certified Woman Fire Walk Trainer.

    Priya Kumar is called upon by Multinational Organizations, Corporate Head Honchos and Decision Makers & Strategist from all over the world to conduct Fire Walk Seminars for their human talent and partners and leave them with an unforgettable experience, heightened sense of ownership & commitment towards their lives and work. The feeling of exhilaration of having walked on fire pushes people to move out of their comfort zones and breakthrough their mental barriers and experience their own power to achieve the Impossible and Create New Benchmarks!

    Priya’s fire walking sessions are packed with fun and learning.

    “Challenges and obstacles in life will always be there. The only place where there are no problems is the graveyard. We need to learn to not only embrace the challenges thrown our way, but also, grow beyond them. Fire walking is all about taking that plunge of belief and faith and taking action. The only way out through the fire is to cross through it. And the other side is where the feeling of extraordinary achievement, exhilaration and breakthrough lies! Fun lies in doing the impossible, Fun lies is going beyond fears and expectations and Fun lies is overcoming self-made barriers to success. Fire Walking leaves you with an impact that you cannot forget in this lifetime. Just like fire transforms wood to coal and there is no going back to wood again, similarly, fire walking transforms you from the feeling of “ordinary” to the elation of “extraordinary”, from “it’s impossible” to “it’s possible” and from “I can’t” to “I can and I will.” And that, I believe is a great achievement in itself!” – Priya Kumar