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  • “Priya is one of the finest speakers in the industry today. Her unique style of facilitation coupled with wit and humor creates an impact on the audience inspiring and motivating them to go out and deliver their best.”
    Mr. Raj Nayak, ‎Chief Executive Officer at Colors - Viacom 18

    “Priya has the rare ability to connect with people, no matter what the audience type, and inspire them to do and strive for more, no matter how good they already are. Her 'unpreachery' style without the conventional ppt's and lectures, her sense of humor and quick wit made the session inspiring and yet entertaining. We did a dealer conference in Netherlands and had called Priya to help us engage and motivate the audience to align them to the company vision and be driven to outperform themselves. Priya's session was indeed the highlight of the conference and delivered the impact that we had expected.”
    Mr.Rajesh Jejurikar, President & Chief Executive – Farm Equipment & Two Wheelers, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

    “Priya's incredible understanding of the corporate world, people and human nature makes her stand out as a motivational speaker par excellence. Her connection with people is phenomenal. Her sense of humor and at the same time her motivational punch leaves a lasting impact on the audiences. Having worked with her on many occasions, I have seen my teams being positively impacted by workshops.
    Mr. Tarun Katial, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.

    “Tata AIA had engaged Priya's services for the team bonding and motivation session at its conclave. The objective was to exhort the team to challenge their limits and go beyond their comfort zones. Priya is a great speaker and engaged with the team very well. Her session indeed surpassed our expectations and there was a superlative feedback from the team. The end result was a visibly charged up and a highly motivated team. Would highly recommend Priya to organizations wishing to motivate their teams to conquer new frontiers.
    Mr. Amitabh Verma, Chief Operating Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited

    “We invited Priya to deliver a motivational session for our Leadership team and what a session it turned out to be. I found her natural, instinctive style loaded with classy wit and humour very apt for corporate audiences. Her near perfect understanding of vagaries of corporate world makes her session relevant and relatable for everyone. Her inimitable "Hello" lingers on with everyone...forever! In a world where millions long for immortality without knowing what to do for themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Priya's narrative gives you a lot to think about. Sincere thanks once again for a lovely tete-a-tete with our team! ”
    Mr. Girish Kulkarni, MD and CEO, Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

    “With much anticipation on what the ‘Trash Can Theatre’ would unfold for the senior leadership team, we did decide to go ahead with this concept. And I am only but Happy to share that Priya’s session not only set the tone for the company’s Strategic Meet but also ensured an experience that will live long in every participants memory. The methodology used was simple blended with anecdotes that the audience could relate to and the infectious bouts of laughter thanks to the carefully timed humour. The level of participation was simply exceptional, be it for the session or the activity conducted. I must say that the time just flew by but the audiences were glued for more! Thank you Priya!”
    Vishakha RM, CEO and MD, IndiaFirst Life Insurance

    “It's almost impossible to keep 130 lawyers away from their Blackberrys for 30 minutes . Priya kept us entranced with her wit and intelligence and caused us to laugh and at the same time touched the right nerves for 3 hours. No one touched their phones the entire time!
    Mr. Sujjain Talwar, Partner, ELP

    “I sincerely thank Priya Kumar for conducting an amazing motivational session for our Channel Partners. She has a unique knack to get connected with the audience and inspire them for better. This is the third time I have attended her session and every time she brings a fresh perspective on how we look and handle our personal as well as professional life. The session was fun with lots of learning and take away which was complimented with her pleasing personality and great sense of humour. I wish her all the best and look forward for more such sessions.
    Mr. Sunil Khanna, President & MD, Emerson Network Power India Pvt. Ltd.

    Priya is an outstanding speaker and motivator! That summarizes our experience of asking Priya to speak with our team. She moves effortlessly between humour and delivering serious life and business messages. It is rare indeed to see someone do that, and it was a treat and a special experience to be there while she performed. The fire walk made it extra special, although the star of the show is Priya and not the fire walk!”
    Mr. Jayant Kapre, President at United Biscuits for India and South East Asia, United Biscuits

    “As MD & CEO of SBI Mutual Fund, Mumbai, I had the opportunity to use the professional experience of Priya for a session for the entire team of SBI MF (comprising some 300+ people) for team building and motivational exercises. This was in November, 2013. To the say the least, the session, extending for over 3 hours, was an extraordinary experience. She could hold the entire audience spell bound, and was able to create the experience to demonstrate the concepts that she introduced. Such experiential learning always has a lasting effect. Also, what comes naturally to Priya is ample use of humor and wit, which make her sessions light, yet captivating. Her ability to strike a connect with the attending executives is truly amazing. It makes it easy for her to deal with complex issues like human tentativeness, prejudices and inability to think out of the box. This can come only from a naturally gifted person. Priya is one such person. Priya is also a prolific writer, with an array of widely acclaimed books to her credit. I had the good opportunity of being with her in a session along with another author where we discussed our books. That was yet another enthralling experience.
    Mr. Deepak Chatterjee, Former MD & CEO, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund

    “After learning about Priya Kumar’s reputation as a motivational speaker and an acclaimed author, I invited her to kick off our Sales Conference in Goa which was attended by our senior sales and marketing team from India and our HQ in Italy including our Global sales and Marketing Director. Priya engaged her audience using relevant humour and thought provoking questions. Her exuberant speaking style energized and captivated the group amazingly. She helped push the team’s mind-set to focus on creating success in the future , building relationships and go and get fearlessly. The ripple effect of her words like – “Hello……”and the related stories she shared has been evident in many conversations in our company since then and THIS IS WHAT IS ALL ABOUT MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES! The board breaking exercise was something very special and magical to boost the confidence of the team. I am incredibly pleased with how well Priya demonstrated her understanding of our objectives and the extent to which she tailored her speech and messages to our needs. Bravo!!
    Mr. Updeep Singh, Managing Director, Itema Weaving (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    “Dear Priya, Many thanks for conducting the session at our leadership offsite. The session was electric, turbo charged and great fun ! I admire your ability to be able to connect with the audience while making powerful observations on leadership and self-belief. The team feels distinctly invigorated and inspired and am sure this would positively impact their contributions both as individuals as well as a team. Thank you once again, Rahul.”
    Mr. Rahul Rana, CEO, Payback

    “For Sony Mobile (XPERIA), 2015 is a year of tough decisions and transformation. We needed to transfer this sense of urgency to our business Partners, a select audience from our area of operations in Middle East & Africa. We chose an extraordinary location, away from the hustle & bustle of our respective daily lives, Bali in Indonesia, conducive for open business discussions and goal setting; and we chose a remarkable person to prepare the audience for the next day’s business discussions. Priya Kumar, conveyed this message, the sense of urgency, authentically to all participants in body, mind and soul combining business rigour with experiential artistry. Her speech on how to address adversity in a fiercely competitive environment using our competitive advantage was quite inspirational…She pointed “… it is our own self doubt and self made barriers which inhibit our path to success”. At the end of her session together with our Partners we walked literally on fire ! Fire Walking leaves an indelible mark. As Priya remarked “….just like fire transforms wood to coal and there is no going back , similarly, fire walking transforms you from the feeling “it’s impossible” to “it’s possible” and from “I can’t” to “I can and I will.” In brief, Priya, managed to captivate a very diverse and demanding pool of delegates from 12 countries creating a strong bond amongst us; in addition the business messages delivered were plenty, well articulated, experientially processed and understood at many levels….absolutely hard to forget. After all Sony’s mission is to inspire and fulfill the curiosity.”
    Mr. Spyros Gousetis, Director, Marketing, Middle East & Africa, Sony Mobile Communications

    “We had organised an open session by Priya Kumar on the theme 'Going Beyond'. The objective was to exhort our employees to break their self imposed shackles and go for their dreams. Priya did a fantastic job by connecting so well with a diverse audience that included employees from various functions and cadres. At the end of the session,each person regardless of age, gender or position left the room with immense self belief and conviction This speaks volumes of Priya's abilities... We wish her the very best
    Mr. Deepak Chawla, Head - Human Resources, Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

    “Going Beyond with Priya Kumar is one of the best experiential learning session that I attended in a very long time. The messages on leadership and the thoughts on managing unrealistic expectations at work and in life are very easy to internalize and follow. The messages were very well interspersed with lots of laughter and fun so that it was so well received. Each and every one in my team is so excited and inspired after the session. Thanks Priya, I and my team are taking it head on, right here and right now!
    Arundathi Rao, Director, HPIT, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, HPIT, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises

    “Priya for me is a woman whose expression through her writing and her interactions with audience comes as someone we would admire for her confidence, perspective, style, wit and humour. Her writing tells us a story well constructed with content that deconstructs the complex to make it easily understood. Her interaction always leaves us not only with an aura of the speech but also an inherent feel of passion and push to do the essence of the messages conveyed through her talk !! She says plain things in interesting ways, and interesting things in plain ways which makes it connect always !!”
    Priya Minocha, Deputy Vice President | Human Resources, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

    “Workshop on 10th September for India Design center was truly inspiring. Priya knew exactly who the audience was and what are their expectations. She was able to connect her speech and activities so nicely, participants could relate to their daily work. We would not have got insights on a) imagination versus facts; b) importance of every team member irrespective of the role they play; c) follow the leader; d) importance of an individual’s contribution and not a position; in a better way than from Priya.
    Mr. Paresh Oza, ‎Head - High Power Projects, R&D, Danfoss

    “Priya is an Awesome Speaker and a great person. Her motivational session is not a typical classroom style session but a session which will be remembered forever. Post her session she became everyone’s favorite and all wanted to attend her sessions! This is the sign of a great speaker and a true person. I would like to congratulate Priya once again as I look forward to work with her again and again.”
    Mr. Pankaj Bajaj, Head - Rewards & Recognition, Reliance General Insurance

    “Hi Priya, First of all, I wanted to thank you and your team for all the invaluable training and support you have given to my team. You have inspired me & my team with your unique stories and activities. You have a very special way about you that we all admire. Your session was one of the big highlight of our team meet at Jaisalmer. Your training has really motivated the whole team to think that “impossible is nothing”. It has been SUCH a pleasure to work with you & be a part of your training! Kindly accept my gratitude for your contribution in making "Lava Manthan" team meet a memorable one, also we all look forward to work with you to take my team to Everest.”
    Mr. Munish Giri, Business Unit Head, Lava International

    “Dear Priya, We at GROHE always look forward to our common gathering platform as one big family reunion opportunity. These platforms are never considered complete till we have a team building session and our team building sessions are not complete without Priya Kumar. I would like to thank you and express my gratitude on behalf of the GROHE India family for the amazing workshop at our Annual Conference both in 2013 and 2015. Right from the word “Hi” to “till we meet again” the whole GROHE India team was brimming with energy and exciting participation all because it was Priya Kumar in front of them. The focused session on Future and Teams shaping their future while overcoming the barriers and unleashing the true potential within, was very well appreciate and extremely rewarding for all of us. Some truly cherishable moments and we look forward to more of such opportunities.
    Mr. Ramesh Kaushik, Head-Marketing, Grohe India

    “Dear Priya, it was indeed a great experience having you at our Offsite Event. Your interactive sessions helped imbibe in the participants a sense of camaraderie and positive thinking. One of the key takeaways for the group as a whole was the fact that - For a team that believes in its abilities, everything is possible! You were able to instill the importance of "Service Excellence" in the minds of the participants firmly.  And thus, all my personal expectations from the event were surpassed. Your ability to keep the audience interested and engaged, even during the post lunch sessions was commendable! Kindly accept my gratitude for your contribution in making the event a great success!”
    Mr. SL Pandian, Chief Operating Officer, UTI Mutual Fund

    “It’s a pleasure for me writing a comment on the recently conducted Team Building exercise by Priya for my team. I had heard a lot about Priya’s work before our meeting from different sources. In fact, I went through the web to know more about the activities she has been doing and my expectation was very high. Because of this previous information, I think I was putting the bar very high. Finally when we went to the meeting and participated in the activities, the impact that Priya made went beyond all my expectations. I would say that Priya’s workshop was very real and one could fully connect with her talk, her analogies which were very apt probed deeper thought. The exercises that were prepared for us allowed each team member to learn through their own experience. I would definitively consider extending this program to other teams and I’m looking forward to working together with Priya to take my group to the next level in terms of team work.”
    Mr. José Francisco Ortiz C., Global Head -Shanghai, Pfizer Animal Health(now known as Zoetis)

    “First of all a BIG THANK YOU to you for making the event memorable! Your session was one of the Biggest highlight of the Kick Off! The organizing committee members and I had the opportunity to take feedback from a lot of employees. I must say they were extremely thrilled about the session. Your Books being oversold is also one indicator. I look forward for more opportunities to leverage your expertise. Thank you and Best Regards!”
    Mr. Jaybalan Velayudhan, Director - Strategy & Business Development, APC by Schneider Electric

    "It was terrific to see Priya again in Guangzhou, China, and inspiring our people once again with her unique stories and activities. Even though it was the 3rd time for me, since I was a part of the entire Asia Cascade, I never failed to feel refreshed or renewed whenever I heard Priya. I hope we cross paths again sometime."
    Mr. Alfredo A. Antonio, former Purchasing Director, Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble Asia 

    “We had invited Priya Kumar as a motivational speaker for our India & Subcontinent kick off meeting. It was a great performance who none of our 250 employees will forget. We had a good laugh, were inspired and definitely motivated by Priya who made it crystal clear that we can achieve a lot more as long as we believe in ourselves. I can strongly recommend Priya as a key note speaker.
    Mr.Harry de Wit, President Asia, Covidien

    “We had invited Priya Kumar to address a session in our Annual Sales conference - a kick off for an ambitious sales program. Our team of over 200 people, was amazed and immensely motivated by the session. She had the ability to hold our team from all around the country,rapt in attention, comfortably switching in between Hindi and English. We had a diverse team from sales officers to board members in the audience and she did engage all of them simultaneously throughout the session. She could immediately get the pulse of the audience and created substantial empathy that most us felt she is talking to us one-on-one and not as a group. Needless to say her session (Fire walking - Taking the Plunge) was the highlight of the conference!”
    Mr.Sreenivaasan. G - President - Consumer Products division, TTK Healthcare 

    "Priya is one of those really really rare individuals who leaves one heck of an indelible mark on you!! I have had the pleasure of being part of several workshops that Priya conducts - both within IBM and with clients - and she brings about a sense of oneness of purpose, laughter, joy and more importantly HOPE in all that she does and conveys!!
    I never cease to be enthused by Priya in every interaction -- she is like of of those I-can't-put-the-book-down-thrillers; makes you want to turn each page with fervent interest! So, before I end this - if you want to laugh, learn how to live life and work with zest, learn to make most of what you have with fun and joy, learn to achieve balance within you, and learn to just learn - then talk to Priya, and seek out that mysterious beacon of light she carries within herself always!"
    Mr.Ananth Swaminath, Vice President & Leader - Cross Industry Consulting & Transformation, IBM

    "Dear Priya, on behalf of JCB India team, I would like to Thank You for an Excellent workshop that you conducted last week.  It was by far the best event under your leadership (it was my second with you after you were with our executive team couple of years back). The powerful connect that you were able to establish on the subjects of Innovation, Growth and Personal Leadership was immense, as we said, it was no less than what we could have achieved from a Harvard workshop. The activities were great as always, leading a strong personal belief and unlimited power within, and the anecdotes apt and sharp to deliver the key messages. Each one of us truly enjoyed and immensely gained from the powerful session."
    Mr.Sanjeev Arora, Executive Vice President - Product Development, Innovation & Growth, JCB

    "Priya’s session for our “Tatva” Service Culture Champions was a definite winner! Her motto of “Go Beyond” to lead the organization to a new level of service delivery was both engaging and relevant. The activities for the participants were well built up and the outcomes very lucidly connected to real life situations requiring focus & hard work in the workplace. Our best wishes are with Priya for many more such engagements with our organization in the future."
    Mr. Kayzad Hiramanek, former Senior Vice President- Customer Service & Operations, ICICI Prudential Life

    "Dear Priya, we at GROHE always look forward to our common gathering platform as one big family reunion opportunity. These platforms are never considered complete till we have a team building session and our team building sessions are not complete without Priya Kumar.
    I would like to thank you and express my gratitude on behalf of the GROHE India family for the amazing workshop at our Annual Conference both in 2013 and 2015.
    Right from the word “Hi” to “till we meet again” the whole GROHE India team was brimming with energy and exciting participation all because it was Priya Kumar in front of them. The focussed session on Future and Teams shaping their future while overcoming the barriers and unleashing the true potential within, was very well appreciate and extremely rewarding for all of us.
    Some truly cherishable moments and we look forward to more of such opportunities.”

    Mr. Ramesh Kaushik, Head-Marketing, Grohe

    “Hi Priya, First of all, I wanted to thank you and your team for all the invaluable training and support you have given to my team. You have inspired me & my team with your unique stories and activities. You have a very special way about you that we all admire. Your session was one of the big highlight of our team meet at Jaisalmer. Your training has really motivated the whole team to think that “impossible is nothing”. It has been SUCH a pleasure to work with you & be a part of your training! Kindly accept my gratitude for your contribution in making “Lava Manthan” team meet a memorable one, also we all look forward to work with you to take my team to Everest”
    Mr. Munish Giri, Business Unit Head, Lava International (Lava Mobiles)             

    In my 25 years career this is the first time that I have found a motivational speaker who has been able to floor audiences, irrespective of age, designation, profession, etc. After hearing Priya for the first time in Mumbai, I have had her speak to my entire team, including my business partners and the applause has been unanimous!  Her ability to simplify her communication and then combine it with the right blend of humor makes her unique. Her communication is honest and experiential. The exercises that she makes the participants go through look simple, yet are very profound. Above all, her warm personality and nature make her very endearing..The only question I have is “Why didn't I meet Priya before?"  May God bless her with all success and happiness that she so richly deserves!”
    Mrs. Ritha Chandrachud, former Senior Vice President Marketing, Dr Reddy's 

    "Priya’s session at the Annual Delivery Leadership meet at Mysore was very motivating, energetic, participative and inspiring. The approach to convey the messages through the activities was Excellent. She engaged the audience of 400+ leaders throughout the entire session!”
    Mr. Krishnamurthy Ananthasivam, former Vice President and Delivery Head –Bangalore, Infosys Technologies

    “Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to use your wonderful services for a number of our Consulting Services teams, and I would like to commend you on having delivered some of the most engaging, transformational and motivational trainings for our people through your unique sessions. Everyone who have attended your sessions have claimed to have successfully capitalized on the learnings gained from your sessions – to overcome limitations of the mind to conquer perceived challenges and achieve unprecedented personal or professional success – and I endorse those sentiments wholeheartedly! I Thank You on behalf of the organization for your wonderful services and look forward to more such engagements in the times to come! All the very best!”

    Mr. Indranil Roy, Service Delivery Lead - Capability Development for Management Consulting, Accenture

    “The session conducted by Priya was by far one of the best. The entire team loved it. It was unique, simple yet witty. Priya has an amazing sense of humor and ability to make complex corporate fundamentals woven with life experiences that are easy to digest and implement. Priya was able to connect with everyone almost instantaneously with her basic set of rules. She was phenomenal in creating a lasting impact on all our women employees mind and succeeded in meeting the set expectations…leaving them with a different “You” !!”
    Pushpa N. Nalavade,Vice President, ABS HR Shared Services Lead, Accenture Enterprise Enablement, INDIA

    “Fantastic session by Priya! I asked my team and all of them were blown away by the session.”
    Mr. Gururaj Deshpande, Associate Vice President and Division Head for Financial Services Delivery –Infosys Technologies, Hyderabad

    "Thanks Priya for the inspiring session taken by you for our team of Engineers and Managers on the 29th at Hotel JW Marriott, Pune.

    We have got the feedback from our team members and it’s quite heartening to note that your session was preferred and enjoyed THE MOST that day! People were thrilled with your clarity of thoughts and the inspiration you created through your un-interrupted one hour talk as well as motivating words. The Board breaking exercise done was so much fun but it sent the message loud and clear and it matched exactly, rather exceeded, with/than what we discussed before the event."
    Mr.Dinesh Bhasin, Vice-President (Customer Support), Passenger Vehicles Business Unit for Tata Motors Ltd.    

    Priya Kumar and her team did a breakthrough job with my team, transforming a team with diverse geographies, demographics and lineages into ONE cohesive unit. Priya has the power to achieve synergetic metamorphosis with interventions like fire walk, broken glass walk; coupled with her unique blend of engaging coordination. It was a great beginning of a cohesive team trend for our organization, and we achieved more than we could have asked for…Much appreciate her contributions to our leadership offsite.”
    Mr. Ramesh Kaza, Senior Vice President, Business Exec – Technology,Bank of America

     “Priya is a great story teller and weaves the business context with ease. She is inspirational and makes the session lively and interesting. The activities and non-use of power point differentiates her work from “fluffy” motivational stuff… Her approach is simple, practical and easy to understand.
    Mr. Ram Iyer, Executive Vice President – Retail, Vodafone India         


    It was a very enriching experience having Priya address our Sales Champions at Kumarakom. Her easy going style made almost all the attendees very comfortable during her session, which led to a very strong overall participation during the session”
    Mr. Karan Johar, Vice President – Sales Planning & Development, HSBC Global Asset Management     

    “The brief to Priya was that we are a diversified team, working from distributed locations, with varied cultural background and experience. Therefore, the need was to help us unite as a team.  I am happy that our objectives were achieved! Priya’s real life stories coupled with never-done-before adventure exercises were apt and sent strong messages of ‘success is in unity’, ‘we work for life’, ‘there is always a first time’, ‘focus’, ‘caution on distractions’ and ‘planning’. Most importantly the workshop emphasized to trust each other.

    Mr. Paneesh Rao, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Ltd.

     "Priya provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. She tapped into our team’s soul and helped us see our team’s work more clearly.
    During two hours of her session she provided an arsenal of tools for lasting change, as well as lessons for enriching the quality of life!
    Priya epitomizes all of those things that anybody who really is looking for something different, something better, something bigger in their life. She epitomizes all of those things that I think people aspire to be. To sum up,she has a great gift. She has the gift to inspire. Priya empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams."
    Mr.Diljeet Singh, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, GATI KWE

     “Overall the session was rated EXCELLENT by all the participants. Some of them wanted to get a video of any such other program which has been conducted by Ms. Priya Kumar. Some of the distributors also wanted to conduct the same for their team. The session was very participative. Ms. Kumar has the ability to involve each and every participant fully into the session.
    Mr. Rajamani K S, Asst. General Manager – Channel Management & Credit Control, Tata Motors

     “I have known Priya Kumar from my first training which was called ‘Going Beyond’. It not only changed my way of looking at problems, whether personal or professional, but also helped me doing things and taking up challenges I never thought I would. She is so motivating that I can call her as an ‘emerging brand’. I have rarely met and experienced such an inspirational personality. Despite all this, she has an awesome humility and kindness in words.”  "The program has been highly appreciated by one and all. You were as charismatic as you were in 2008. Once again my personal thanks to you for taking us to the levels where I always thought we need to be."
    Mr. Dinesh Bhasin, former Senior GM - Customer Care Service Group, Hyundai Motor India Ltd

    Priya Kumar is an inspirational speaker who motivates the team with a unique and memorable approach. Priya was first used by Cleartrip to bring our Management team in line with not only our Vision but very ambitious annual goals. Priya took the individuals through a series of exercises that broke down their doubts on personal achievement and helped them re-evaluate their potential. A similar but scaled down version was cascaded through the organization, which worked very well against this more executional audience. I highly recommend Priya for her fresh and dynamic approach that works on all levels.
    Samantha Nayar, Cultural Consultant, Cleartrip

    We have had several engaging sessions with Priya Kumar who has always kept the entire team enthralled. The experience of her programs last beyond the day and our team members have always carried the memories for a long time...These sessions have helped us explore our hidden talents; our dormant thoughts/fears are vented and most importantly built bridges between our people. We are ever thankful to Priya for her smashing sessions!  Well done Priya! The team was so energized and the entire experience will be on their minds for a long time. The activity was in line with the key messages we wanted to convey to the team.”
    Shalini Khatri, former Head Communications, Johnson Controls India

    “Priya Kumar’s session was full of energy & more importantly fun! One of my colleagues, who is a veteran of the industry, confessed that he has not laughed so much in years. Priya has a natural flair for wit & great presence! And the way various messages were weaved beautifully in the session was amazing. It was an impactful session, with lot of staying power. I heartily recommend Priya Kumar for large group motivational sessions particularly to address Sales and Management conferences!
    Mr. Vivek K Sharma, former Head –Training & Quality, Max Bupa Health Insurance Co. Ltd.

     “It was a brilliant idea and an amazing session! These kind of sessions really help us understand the changes happening in our organization objectively. It also helps us to see from a leader’s eye. Thank you so much Team ER, hope many similar initiatives are taken in future.” “Superb!! Thanks! Quite an experience!”
    Nazia Tanwir, HRD - Employee Relations, Bhubaneshwar, Infosys Technologies

     “The Leadership team would like to Thank You on the “Exceptional session” we had at our offsite. We had a very good feedback from the teams on both sessions. They enjoyed the session a lot and had lot of takeaways from them. We will look forward to seeing you in the future.”
    Mr. Sunil Gaddam, Vice President - GBM/GCCIB DBA engineering and operations Lead|DBA Automation, BA Continuum India (Bank of America)

     “Dear Priya, First of all, Thank You so much for your sterling efforts to keep all of us “restless” somewhat well experienced people, who have seen the world, engaged for two hours. The session was Par Excellence and was rated much above expectation by our people. (A formal written feedback has revealed this).”
    Mr. Vikram M Kulkarni, Vice President - Marketing Spare Parts, Tata Motors Limited

    The feedback on the outcome of your session has been very positive and everyone felt that it has been very impactful. Everything that we have been saying about targets which looked impossible a few days back now are being seen in new light and look achievable. Both the bar bending and firewalk activities have been truly helpful in changing their mindset. Personally too, it has been an awesome experience and I am glad that we were able to organize this at such short notice. The books and coal jars are also reminders of this great experience!
    Mr. Rajpal Duggal, Group President - Corporate Strategy & Business Planning, Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    "Outstanding! Very easy to relate to, engaging people for the entire workshop with clear, hard hitting examples."
    Mr. Nihal Kotak, former Head HR, Daiwa Capital Markets India Pvt. Ltd.

    Priya’s session was an absolute success! People loved her thoughts and the “in your face” style of delivery of messages that were truly life-transforming. Her energy combined with the true desire to touch someone where they can go out of the Session and “Make THAT change” in their life and business is what makes her truly one of the most impactful motivational speakers we have had in our Company. God bless you guys on your mission and now that I have read both her books, I feel I have even more respect for Priya. Cheers!”
    Shilpa Ajwani, former Regional Training Director- Asia, Oriflame

     “Priya’s ‘workshop’ if I may call that, showed my team the possibilities on how to think differently and look at impossible “targets” as achievable/doable numbers. Most of them felt that they were highly enriched by the experience and saw their purposes in life much better than before. Everyone was richer and positive at the end of the day.
    Mr. Ganesh Mahalingam, former Chief Operating Officer, Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    "Dear Priya, Thank You so much for motivating and inspiring our employees during your session. People are still buzzing about your Powerful Programme. We found you professional, personable and attuned to our needs. The questions you asked, the way you conducted with the team, the way you customized your programme and your powerful activities, all supported our goal beautifully. Congratulations on a job well done!"
    Reena Chhabra, Chief Operating Officer, Colorbar Cosmetics

    “Thank you so much for the wonderful session during the rebirth of Impresario. I am sure my team will make use of this in a good manner. Looking forward to give this experience to our clients also!

    Mr. Sidhesh Kaniyil, Head- South India & UAE Operations,Impresario Event Management India Ltd.


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    bullet Avaya India
    bullet Aviva Life Insurance
    bullet Axis Bank
    bullet BA Continuum
    bullet Bacardi
    bullet Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
    bullet Bajaj International
    bullet Bank of America
    bullet Barclays Securities
    bullet Barclays Wealth
    bullet Baxter India
    bullet Bayer CropScience
    bullet BDO India
    bullet Bellset Entertainment
    bullet Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd
    bullet Bharat Petroleum
    bullet Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd
    bullet Birla Sun Life Insurance
    bullet Black Hat Talent Solutions
    & Consulting
    bullet Blue Star
    bullet BMC Software
    bullet BMTS
    bullet BNP Paribas
    bullet Bright Outdoor Media
    bullet Bunge India
    bullet Cadbury
    bullet Cadenza Solutions
    bullet Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
    bullet Calypso Events
    bullet Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance
    bullet Castrol
    bullet Catalyst Events
    bullet CEAT
    bullet Century Rayon
    bullet CHEP India
    bullet CHR Hansen India Pvt Ltd
    bullet Cipla
    bullet Citi Bank
    bullet CitiCorp Finance India
    bullet ClearTrip
    bullet CMS Info Systems
    bullet Coca Cola India
    bullet Cognizant Technology Solutions
    bullet Colgate India
    bullet Colorbar Cosmetics
    bullet Colors Event Solutions
    bullet Colors TV
    bullet Connoisseur Events
    bullet Corporate Culture
    bullet Covidien Healthcare India
    bullet Cox and Kings
    bullet CRI Events
    bullet CRISIL
    bullet Crompton Greaves
    bullet Cupid Advertising
    bullet Cyquator Technologies
    bullet Dabur
    bullet Daiwa Capital Markets
    bullet Danfoss Industries
    bullet DDB Mudra Group
    bullet DELL
    bullet Deloitte
    bullet Deutsche Bank
    bullet Development Bank of Singapore
    bullet DHFL
    bullet Diageo India
    bullet Diebold Systems
    bullet DLF Pramerica Life Insurance
    bullet Dr Reddy's
    bullet Draeger
    bullet Dreamz Infinity
    bullet DSP Merrill Lynch Capital
    bullet Dun & Bradstreet
    bullet ECGC India
    bullet E-Clerx
    bullet Economic Laws Practice
    bullet Edelweiss Capital Limited
    bullet Eicher Motors
    bullet Emerson Electronics
    bullet Emerson Network Power
    bullet Emerson Process Management
    bullet Emirates Bank
    bullet Encompass Events
    bullet Encore Healthcare
    bullet Endemol India
    bullet Ernst & Young 
    bullet ESP Active Marketing
    bullet Essar Steel
    bullet ETA
    bullet Eureka Forbes
    bullet Events Unlimited
    bullet F5 Advertainment
    bullet Fame Cinemas
    bullet Faraway Places
    bullet Fidelity India
    bullet Food & Drug Administration
    bullet Ford Supermodel
    bullet Fortis Healthcare
    bullet FPSBI
    bullet Fulford India
    bullet GE Money
    bullet General Motors
    bullet Genesis Training Events
    bullet Geodesic Ltd.
    bullet Geologistics
    bullet George P Johnson 
    bullet GERA Builders
    bullet GlaxoSmithKline Consumer
    bullet Godfrey Philips India
    bullet Godrej & Boyce Ltd.
    bullet Godrej Consumer Products
    bullet Godrej Industries
    bullet Godrej Locking Solutions
    and Systems
    bullet Goldquest International
    bullet Grasim Industries
    bullet Grohe 
    bullet Gunnebo India
    bullet Gurukul Jeevan
    bullet Hansa Events
    bullet HDFC Standard Life Insurance
    bullet Hero Cycles
    bullet Hewlett-Packard
    bullet HHM Events
    bullet Hindustan Unilever Limited
    bullet Hot Stuff Events
    bullet HSBC
    bullet HSBC Global Asset Management
    bullet HyperCity Retail India
    bullet Hyundai Motors
    bullet IATO
    bullet IBM
    bullet Ice Global Management
    bullet ICICI Bank
    bullet ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    bullet IDBI
    bullet IDEA Cellular
    bullet IDFC Asset Management
    bullet IDFC Mutual Funds
    bullet IDFC SSKI Securities
    bullet Ifsert
    bullet IIBF
    bullet Impresario Event Management
    bullet Indo American Society
    bullet Indus Towers
    bullet IndusInd Bank
    bullet Infosys
    bullet ING Vsyya Bank
    bullet Intercare
    bullet IWLF
    bullet J&J LifeScan
    bullet J.W. Marriott
    bullet JCB India
    bullet Jetking
    bullet JM Financial
    bullet Johnson Controls Automotive
    bullet Johnson Controls India
    bullet Jolo Events
    bullet JSW
    bullet Karnataka Nephrology &
    Transplant Institute
    bullet Kaya Skin Clinic
    bullet Kellogg's India
    bullet Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd.
    bullet Khaitan & Co.
    bullet Kingfisher Airlines
    bullet Kingston Technogy
    bullet Kodak India
    bullet Kohler
    bullet Kotak Mahindra Bank
    bullet Kotak Securities
    bullet Kuoni India
    bullet L&T Infotech
    bullet L’Oreal
    bullet Lafiesta Events
    bullet Landmark Citi
    bullet Lanxess India
    bullet Larsen & Toubro
    bullet Lear Corporation
    bullet Legrand India
    bullet Lenovo India
    bullet LIC
    bullet Llumar
    bullet LMT India
    bullet Lowe Lintas
    bullet LPTI
    bullet Lupin Pharmaceuticals
    bullet Luxor Writing Instruments
    bullet Ma Foi Global Search Services
    bullet Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
    bullet Maersk India
    bullet Mahindra & Mahindra
    bullet Mahindra Navistar
    bullet Mantra Events & Promotions
    bullet Marico Ltd.
    bullet Match Box World Ventures
    bullet Matrix Cellular
    bullet Max Bupa Health Insurance
    bullet Maximus MICE and
    Media Solutions
    bullet Mercedes-Benz India
    bullet Mckinsey & Company
    bullet Merck India
    bullet MetLife India Insurance
    bullet Microsoft Corporation India
    bullet Mid DayMidas Events
    bullet Mobis India
    bullet Money Matters Financial Services
    bullet Mother Dairy
    bullet MTV
    bullet Muthoot Pappachan Group
    bullet NDTV
    bullet Network 18
    bullet Niche Events and Promotions
    bullet Nine Dot Nine Interactive
    bullet Nissan Motors
    bullet Nokia
    bullet Novartis India
    bullet NTPC
    bullet Omnitech InfoSolutions
    bullet Omron Automation
    bullet OPC Asset Solutions
    bullet Oracle India
    bullet Orange Fish Entertainment
    bullet Oriflame India
    bullet Oxigen Services India
    bullet Panduit International Corp
    bullet Parke Davis
    bullet Parle Agro
    bullet Pegasus Events &
    Convention Services
    bullet Perfetti Van Melle India
    bullet PepsiCo India
    bullet Percept D'Mark
    bullet Percept Out-Of-Home 
    bullet Pfizer
    bullet Pfizer Animal Health
    bullet Philips Electronics India
    bullet Pioneer Insurance
    bullet Platinum Incentives & Events
    bullet Powerful Insights
    bullet Pride International
    bullet Principal Mutual Funds
    bullet Procter & Gamble
    bullet Provogue India
    bullet Qualcomm India
    bullet QuestNet Enterprises India
    bullet Raymond Ltd.
    bullet Reckitt Benckiser
    bullet Redington India
    bullet Reliance BIG CBS
    bullet Reliance BIG FM
    bullet Reliance Capital Asset
    bullet Reliance Consumer Finance
    bullet Reliance Mediaworks
    bullet Sony
    bullet Tirth Agro Technology Pvt Ltd
    bullet Tata AIA Life Insurance
    bullet Reliance Money
    bullet Religare Enterprises
    bullet Reserve Bank of India
    bullet Reuters India
    bullet Rotary
    bullet Royal Bank of Scotland
    bullet S P Jain Management Institute
    bullet Sahara India
    bullet Saltmarch Media
    bullet Sandvik Asia
    bullet SAP Labs
    bullet Saurashtra Cement
    bullet Schindler India
    bullet Schneider Electric India
    bullet SEAMEC India
    bullet Seed Infotech
    bullet Sennheiser Electronics
    bullet Shobiz Experiential
    bullet Showtime Events
    bullet Shringar Cinemas
    bullet Siemens Ltd.
    bullet Sitara Hotels
    bullet Skoda Auto India
    bullet Smiths Medical
    bullet Societe Genarale Bank
    bullet Sodexo
    bullet SOL Productions
    bullet Sony India
    bullet SOTC
    bullet SP Jain Institute
    bullet Speak Asia
    bullet Specialty Restaurants
    bullet Spinneys
    bullet SRL Diagnostics
    bullet Standard Chartered Bank
    bullet Star TV
    bullet Strawberry Outbound
    bullet Sun Microsystems
    bullet Swiber Offshore India
    bullet Symantec Corporation
    bullet Symbiosis Institute of
    Business Management
    bullet TAFE
    bullet Tally Solutions
    bullet Talwalkars
    bullet Tata AIG Life Insurance
    bullet Tata Capital Ltd.
    bullet Tata Interactive Systems
    bullet Tata Motors
    bullet Tata Teleservices Ltd.
    bullet TBWA Worldwide
    bullet TCS
    bullet TCS E-Serve
    bullet Team Global Logistics
    bullet Team Ocean
    bullet Team Rustic
    bullet Tetrapak
    bullet The Innuendo Communications
    bullet The New India
    Assurance Company
    bullet The Orchid
    bullet The Times of India
    bullet The Yellow Stage Events
    bullet The Boston Consulting Group
    bullet Thomas Cook
    bullet Thomson Reuters
    bullet Times Ascent
    bullet Times Global Broadcasting
    bullet TNT Dubai
    bullet Transworks India
    bullet TSA Promotions
    bullet TTK Healthcare
    bullet Turner International India
    bullet TVC Skyshop
    bullet UCB India Private
    bullet Unichem Industries
    bullet Unicorn Conventions
    bullet Universal Business Solutions
    bullet UTI Asset Management Company
    bullet UTI Bank
    bullet UTI Mutual Fund
    bullet Viacom 18 Media
    bullet Vinsys IT Services India
    bullet VIP Industries
    bullet Vmware Software India
    bullet Vodafone India
    bullet Walt Disney
    bullet Walter Tools India
    bullet Western Union Money Transfer
    bullet Whirlpool
    bullet Wipro Infotech
    bullet Wizcraft
    bullet Wrigleys
    bullet Yes Bank
    bullet Young Buzz
    bullet YPO 
    bullet Zandu Pharmaceuticals
    bullet Zydus Cadila
    bullet Zydus Heptiza