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  • Born and brought up in Chandigarh, her journey from there to today, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, nationally renowned and award-winning bestselling author & the CEO and Chief Facilitator of Priya Kumar’sTraining Systems has been, in Priya’s words, “my sheer drive and purpose to make people’s lives better.”

    An international publication once introduced Priya as “When Priya speaks, people listen.” A leading national daily wrote, “Priya has the power to change lives.”  All this and more, resonates the impact Priya has had on the lives of people across the globe, through her work and books.

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  • Here’s a small Q&A we have put together for you to know Priya Kumar better
    • 1 How did you begin your journey as a motivational speaker? What inspired you?
    • 2 You inspire and motivate others, what inspires you? What keeps you motivated?
    • 3 What qualification does one need to be a motivational speaker? How did you start?
    • 4 What have been your greatest challenges, personal and professional?
    • 5 Bestselling Author.. Life changing Books .. How did that happen? Did you always want to be an author?
    Ever since I was a child, I have always been driven. I’ve always been an avid reader with a natural inclination towards growth and adventure and this has reflected in my thinking and speaking greatly. I was outspoken, very independent and followed my heart. Somehow, people seemed to agree with me, including my parents. As much as I had the ability to influence, I was easily influenced too, something that defines me even today.

    One day, when I bumped into my neighbor, Dr.Niranjan Patel, I learnt that he used to conduct workshops on Anti Nicotine and Anti Alcohol. I was then a very young successful tuition teacher with over 1900 students growing under my wing. I invited Dr. Patel to do one workshop for my students and felt an instant connect and belief in his mission of helping people. I became his greatest fan and volunteered to support him in his every session thereon. I began to assist him in his research and writing and execution until one day, he passed away, all of a sudden. I was so involved in Dr.Patel’s mission that I could not let his vision die with him. The day he died, I had arranged 7 workshops in a row for him. I had to carry on his work as it was changing people’s lives. So, I stepped into his shoes for the first time, at the age of 22 and conducted all the 7 workshops speaking to rooms filled with people twice my age. Though the purpose was to fulfill what I had started, I am still speaking today.

    I was always inclined toward helping people. Motivational speaking became an extension of that purpose. I feel that people already know what to do with their lives; they sometimes just lack the inspiration or acknowledgement. My work fills that space where potential turns to peak performance.
    Excitement, energy and adventure defines me. When life becomes predictable, when work becomes mundane, when the adventure goes missing, then monotony sets in and steals your spirit. The work that I do is not routine, it’s not mundane. There is newness to my job on a daily basis. Flying around the world, meeting different people, visiting new places keeps the adrenaline flowing. The challenge of addressing people from various walks of life and making sense to them keeps me on my toes. My work keeps me growing and learning. Contributing positively into people’s lives is my purpose. I believe purpose is bigger than motivation. When one’s purpose is clear, inspiration and motivation comes from the drive to fulfill that purpose.

    I am an avid reader and I am still a student. I study extensively. Every two to three months I take a study break. I believe that upgrading one’s skills and knowledge is a must if one has to even qualify to stay in the game. And with the way the economy is conspiring to steal our spirit, keeping one’s enthusiasm and sanity shielded becomes a necessity if one wants to grow and become successful. Knowledge is that power that defeats doubt. Knowledge is that power that brings greater self-confidence in one’s ability and one’s future. My coaches since five years, Gisela and Karl-Heinz have been a great support when it comes to business study and personal coaching. You may benefit from their incredible commitment to help you succeed by getting in touch with them at

    Lack of motivation is a signal of defeat to circumstances. Lack of inspiration is a hint of acceptance of reality with no faith in one’s ability to create an alternate future. Lack doesn’t define me. A learner is always in a place of abundance, of hope, of inspiration and of self-confidence.

    I am not a trained speaker. And I have grown to believe that the greatest qualification one needs to be a motivational speaker is love for people. One needs to be genuinely concerned for the betterment of people and upliftment of society at large. And how does one extend that direction to them? By first being the example of the message you want other people to follow. People want to know how you made it. They want to know what you did to become successful and then they will follow you, if you and your life is evidence of their dreams.

    I first started out speaking on Anti Nicotine and Anti Alcohol on behalf of Dr. Patel. After that I started to get offers to speak in colleges, communities like Rotary and Lions Club, and other get togethers. I obliged, for it was fun. I loved speaking to people. I loved doing the research on subjects I was asked to speak on.

    It is then that I was preparing to do my MBA and my teaching career was at its peak. Nine years into the profession, I was looking at expanding my set up to accommodate 500 students a year. But the problem was that as much as business was prospering, I had stopped growing personally. I was a teacher stuck in the same education for nine years. That’s when I took the courageous step and ended my profession as a teacher. I gave up the idea of doing my MBA and decided to make a career out of motivational speaking.

    I began to attend seminars and began to follow other speakers internationally. I spent two years in speaking for free, in reading, attending seminars and following speakers around the world.

    In 1998, I had enough confidence to charge money for speaking and started my own company. There was never looking back.

    I love challenges. In fact I am a magnet for challenges. If there were no external challenges, I would challenge my own past to create a better future. I believe that challenges are an opportunity to discover yourself and to create newer possibilities.

    When I quit teaching and started on my new career as a motivational speaker, the first year was a big struggle financially. I had invested all my savings in launching my new company, Priya Kumar’s Training Systems. There were many occasions where friends and family would coax me to go back to teaching. They said I was too young to be a professional speaker. They advised that I should get a job, work under someone, get some experience and then re-look at launching myself 5-10 years later. Maybe they were right. But then what would be the challenge in that? I took it upon myself then to be the youngest motivational speaker in the country at 24, and I did it. I had to grow up by 10 years and behave and think and work like someone who had that kind of experience, to lead others. My mind was made up; I had already lost all my savings for I had invested all of it into my new career, and so I had nothing more to lose. The good part of losing everything is that you have no option but to move forward. When people have something to lose, they cling to it and stop moving forward. And in clinging to security, they miss taking the challenges, which are opportunities to success and personal greatness.

    It took two years of keeping my chin up, having unshakeable faith in my ability and unbeatable self-confidence to make it to heights I had never imagined. I remember at one time I was flat broke. I had a meeting with a client in the Taj hotel in Bombay. I had no money to pay the bill. I went there early and took the table. When the client asked if I would like to order something to drink or eat, I said that I had just eaten while waiting for him. So if I ordered nothing, I didn’t have to pay. I sold my TV, I sold my sofas, I sold my office chairs and table and the little gold that I had to survive those two years of financial challenges. I would eat a Rs.7 meal in a tea stall everyday. I became the size 0 physically but I was a size 100 mentally. I never told anyone that I was broke. When you go down, even your next-door neighbor suddenly acquires the right to advise you and tell you what a mistake you have made with your decisions. This is when your current reality becomes an evidence of their prophecy of disaster coming true. I didn’t care about what was real in the moment; I had my eyes on the future.

    I believe perception is everything. I looked good, I smelled good and I managed my meager funds in a manner that would keep my boat afloat till I reached the shores of success. I had the confidence that mattered, my bank account didn’t. I had mentors in the books that I had as my friends. If someone else had made it, that was reason enough that I would make it too. That’s a lesson I have held close to my heart. I have never been broke again; I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

    Looking back, I don’t see my start-up time as a challenge; I see it as fun. I would pray, I would work, I would cry, I would pull myself up, I would paint my vision on the walls, I would read, I would follow successful people, I would study, and I made it. I grew everyday. I was alive. I was determined to make it. And I did. When things get rough, my own past serves as my inspiration. If someone has financial challenges, I ask them, do you own a TV? Do you have a sofa? Do you have some chairs and tables? Sell it. But don’t expose your defeat to the world, for building back the image is sometimes tougher than building back the money.

    I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Speaking and writing comes naturally to me. In fact I was so good at writing that I made nothing of it. I never understood why people made such a big deal about my writing. As I teenager, I had shelves of diaries where most of my daily events, were made up. I would read my ‘what happened today’ stories to my grandparents and they were always amused by what I wrote and shared my wonder and enthusiasm. My brother however, saw through the stories and came to the conclusion that I did not live in the real world. He is right, I live in my own world and then I make it a reality for others. Why would I want to live in the real world? Reality is mass agreement, and I never belonged in that space, I never will.

    As a tutor, I taught my students through anecdotes and they grasped concepts through stories and anecdotes better. Even in my corporate workshops, my methodology involves anecdotes, stories and practical examples for participants to understand the concepts and connect better. Stories are very powerful tools of learning and teaching. While “write a book” was always there in my things to-do before I die, my first book ‘I Am another YOU” happened quite unplanned when the hotel Taj in Bombay was under terrorist attack for days, bringing life in the city to standstill for almost a few weeks. A few days off and my restlessness to accomplish something every day is what led me to write ‘I Am another YOU’ and post its success, there has been no looking back. All my books are inspirational stories packed with life lessons that will grow on you with each passing page. With each book, the expectations have increased and so has my responsibility to deliver a bigger book every time. My books have expanded my reach hundredfold and they touching lives of people 360degrees has been my biggest work satisfaction too.

    Personally, writing has been a big relief for me. It allows me the creativity and freedom to be who I really am, an ignited soul, who lives in a world beyond what others perceive as real. My stories give more power to my already wild imagination. And I believe that the reason people connect with me is for they belong there too, in a world beyond this entrapment called life. My stories are exciting, inspiring with a spiritual edge. I am charged up in writing and reading my own stories and I believe many readers share my sentiment literally.

    Writing brings me happiness and peace and adds more power to my purpose of making people’s lives better by being that example myself. By that virtue, I have been the greatest beneficiary of my own work.

    My philosophy is and remains: The best way to inspire people is be inspired first. The best way to motivate people is be motivated first. And the only way you can teach a thing or two to people about success is to have made it there yourself.

  • “Priya Kumar’s Training Systems is the final result of my 14 year long endeavor towards making Excellence a Scientific Formula.” – Priya Kumar, CEO & Chief Facilitator, Priya Kumar’s Training Systems (PKTS).

    What began as a commitment towards helping people transform the quality of their lives has today grown into Priya Kumar’s Training Systems.

    The Bestselling Author of “I Am another YOU”, Priya Kumar has been called upon by Corporate Head Honchos & Leaders of MNCs from across the world to Motivate, Empower and Drive their Human Capital towards Excellence, Peak Performance and Go Beyond Limiting Boundaries!

    With 14 rich years of experience and catering over 500 Fortune Companies worldwide, PKTS, today has grown to become one of the most reputed and sought after Training Organization spreading its operations from India to the South-East Asia, Europe and the Middle-East.

    Priya Kumar's high on energy and impactful sessions have always spelled dramatic and tangible results for organizations enabling their people to reach the pinnacle of success! The methodology is purely “Experiential and Fun Based Learning”.

    Our workshops are customized for every client and the key learnings are delivered via activities. This methodology puts the onus of learning on the participants, for when they own the learning; the application of it stands a greater chance. Results have shown that this experiential learning helps create sustainable improvements in the personal and professional lives of those who participate in the workshops.

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